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In this article, I will share the information I collected on the web, and directly in some spots, useful for those who might be in Cornwall and would try to windsurf there. In addition, I will provide some inspiration for those who want to fall back on surfing, very popular in this region.

The spot of Bages - Port La Nautique, is one of the most beautiful and comfortable spot among the ones we tried in coastal ponds in the area of Gruissan, in France. It' s located near Narbonne, in the province of Languedoc Roussillon. Pleasant also the natural landscape around the village of Bages perched on a cliff, on the opposite shore, in front of the spot.

Giacomo and Matteo have explored South West Corsica, performing some nice windsurfing sessions. Giacomo sent us this detailed report, in which he also reviewed the spots carefully. Corsica, like Sardinia, offers excellent conditions for windsurfing, and spectacular views.

Gera Lario, together with the beach of La Punta at Sorico, is a good spot for windsurfing in the Northern Lake Como, where you can ride with the Breva, the typical thermal breeze that blows in the afternoon. Below, we provide a description of the spot, with many useful tips.

Cape Town, in South Africa, between December and February, is an excellent destination for windsurfing, and riding good waves, because it offers pleasant summer temperatures and many spots within a few kilometers, able to entertain everyone. Sunset Beach, Big Bay, Haakgat, Melkbos are the main ones. And in Rietvlei, there is also the possibility to have freestyle sessions.

The spot of Leucate - Le Goulet is located in the coastal lake of Leucate, in France, in the Languedoc-Roussillon province, the last Western province before Spain. It's a spot that offers the safe conditions of the inland lakes in the area (low water almost everywhere), and where you can try, with reasonable tranquility,  the strong mistral winds that often blow on the area.

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