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Toscolano is a spot that works a few days a year, when Balì, a local wind due to storms, begins to blow. But when it works, it's a spectacular spot, but not for everyone.

Carrò is a famous windsurfing spot of France, located in the municipality of Martigues, near Marseille. If the wind direction, and the sea conditions are the right ones, can give epic sessions.

Friday, August 21, 2015, I was visiting friends Andrea and Matteo in Tuscany, and I tried the spot of Talamone, in the province of Grosseto. I tried the spot in a typical summer day, with thermal breeze of varying intensity..

Mandello del Lario is an historical spot of Lake Como, which works well with the Foehn (strong wind from the North), especially when this is well oriented from N-NW.

Dervio is a spot on Como Lake well exposed to atmospheric disturbance winds from the north direction, as well it's a good spot for sessions with the Breva, the typical thermal wind from the South that blows in the afternoon. But it is a spot that, with the winds from the north, is better to know well ....

Dakhla, in Morocco (Western Sahara), is a place that, within a few kilometers, offers many different spots, both for windsurfing and kitesurfing and surfing as well, and that, above all, has a frequency of very high wind days. We have recently tried some spots in that area, and, in this review, we provide an accurate description of them, with many tips you won't find anywhere else.

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