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Castiglione della Pescaia, in the Province of Grosseto - Tuscany, is a very good spot for those who want to windsurf in the area, mainly in summer; but with the right tips, it can give very nice sessions also during the other seasons, as happened to us on the 1st of January 2018. 

Valmadrera is one of the most popular spots of Como Lake. It's a spot that works with winds from the north: the Tivano, early in the morning, or the so called foehn, which, if conditions are right, can blow at any time of the day.

After reading and having exploited the valuable information of Fabio's and other riders' reports available on, it seems fair to reciprocate the windsurfers world community with the description of the spots I visited during these summer holidays :-) .

I hope you find these information useful for your trip to Greece, one of the few areas in the Mediterranean sea, that, on August, has a high probability of high winds!

The Costa da Caparica, in the Setubal peninsula, just south of Lisbon, is perhaps not well known for windsurfing as the Cascais area. But, probably, it would deserve greater fame. Infact, in addition to offering several spots, often right also for beginners/intermediate level windsurfers, in the swell days, it guarantees an exceptional wave quality, perhaps even better than one of other more famous spots. We have tried Sao Joao da Caparica.

Vada, just south of Livorno, is one of the most famous spots of Tuscany (Italy). We tested it with a strong northwest wind, but it works with winds coming from every direction. As well as among local riders, it is also popular among windsurfers from other locations (including Northern Italy), as it is at a reasonable distance from many major towns (Milan, Bologna, Florence), not located near the sea.

Praia do Cabedelo, in Viana do Castelo, when it works well, is one of the best windsurfing spots in Portugal, with both flat and wave conditions. We have recently scoured it, and we sum up, in this article, a series of valuable information to get out here.

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