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Haven't you already planned your next summer holiday? Are you dreaming of a very good spot for windsurfing? Limnos island in Greece could be a very good idea. Here below you can read a detailed presentation that friends from Surf Club Keros have sent us.

The West coast of Ireland offers an almost infinite amount of windsurfing spots, both with the Atlantic swell and in flat water conditions. If you add to this feature, breathtaking views, the opportunity to enjoy spectacular coastal trekking, the visit to castles and millenary abbeys, the pubs, the Guinness, and the hospitality of the Irish, it is natural to conceive a travel idea for an unforgettable 360 degrees experience.

Abbadia Lariana is one of my favorite spots on Como Lake to windsurf with the wind from the north. The long beach , which is hit almost perpendicular by the North winds, forgive even those who are inexperienced , and loose some water after every fall.

Praia do Cabedelo, in Viana do Castelo, when it works well, is one of the best windsurfing spots in Portugal, with both flat and wave conditions. We have recently scoured it, and we sum up, in this article, a series of valuable information to get out here.

Gian Lorenzo Loria, a local Sardinian rider from Alghero, sent us this review of two spots in the area of Stintino, Sardinia, which we are happy to publish for the benefit of the entire windsurfer community.

Campione del Garda (Part of village of Tremosine) stands on an alluvial fan formed by the stream San Michele, and it is a small piece of land stolen to the lake. Behind it, there's a steep vertical rocky cliffs that characterize this stretch of coast. The spot works both with the Peler wind and with the Ora wind. At the time, this review refers to the conditions for windsurfing that you may have with the Ora wind.

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