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Grado is a beautiful village, in the Adriatic coast of Friuli Venezia Giulia (Italy), located at the mouth of the homonymous lagoon. The spot offers freestyle and wave conditions, but requires the knowledge of some basic information before the session, because it is a bit special spot.

The first time you arrive at Praia do Guicnho you are fatally conquered by this marvelous beach. A right mix of wilderness and services will welcome you, giving everybody, in summer time, some really nice windsurfing days. In winter, with swell, the spot can become very challenging.

After reading and having exploited the valuable information of Fabio's and other riders' reports available on, it seems fair to reciprocate the windsurfers world community with the description of the spots I visited during these summer holidays :-) .

I hope you find these information useful for your trip to Greece, one of the few areas in the Mediterranean sea, that, on August, has a high probability of high winds!

Menorca is not famous as a main destination for windsurfing holiday, but it offers some good spots, where you can enjoy nice sessions if you happen to come there. We tried the spot of Fornells, in the North part of the island, and so we will basically report on that spot. But we will also give some tips about other place where to ride.

Carro is a famous windsurfing spot of France, located in the municipality of Martigues, near Marseille. If the wind direction, and the sea conditions are the right ones, can give epic sessions.

Attracted by some photos, and several posts found in the web, about the windsurf spot of Sottomarina (Chioggia), near Venice, we asked Cristina, a friend from Franciacorta (Brescia), to write a review of that spot for Waterwind. With the help of more experienced friends, Cristina wrote and sent us this wonderful report, full of detailed tips for those who want to try this legendary wave spot. We offer the full text, which also contains some ideas about other spots in the surroundings (Porto Corsini, Conche).

Published spots reviews list

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