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In this page, we will propose you the videos of the stages on the fundamental maneuvers of windsurfing, organized by The videos will show the theoretical explanation of the maneuvers. In this page you will also find many other useful videos on maneuvers by other instructors.


Windsurfing: instructional videos

Our videos, at the moment, are in the italian languange. In the videos, the theoretical explanation of the maneuvers will be shown. 

Watching our videos again, those who took part to the lessons will be able to review the explanations. We also believe that they can be a useful contribution available to everybody in order to assimilate the theory of maneuvers. The collection of videos will be constantly updated. 

We will also publish a collection of slow motion videos (see second playlist), of advanced maneuvers, performed by expert riders. Watching them you'll be able to study and analize all the movement needed to perform the maneuver. 

Finally, we will also propose the instructional videos found on the web (third playlist), and made by others, that appeared to be particularly interesting. For example, in the playlist below you can enjoy the videos (in the english language!), made by Jp Australia, where Andy 'Bubble' Chambers will explain the tricks to be able to close some major maneuvers. We will propose, as well, the great videos by Colin Whippy Dixon, which are very useful and clear, a co-work with TWS based in Tenerife.

Enjoy them! 

To see the list of available videos in the playlist, click the symbol in the upper left corner of the youtube box


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