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Murta Maria (or Marina Maria) is a windsurfing spot that offers flat water conditions perfect for freestyle, freeriding, and slalom. The spot is located just south of Olbia, in the North East of Sardinia. Just one kilometer to the north, there is also the spot of Le Saline.


Windsurf spot reviews: Murta (or Marina) Maria and Le Saline, Olbia, Sardinia

Murta Maria is a small village in the Municipality of Olbia, from which it is 12 km away (about 30 minutes by car). It is a spot located just north of La Cinta beach, in San Teodoro, another famous spot in the area (read review), and works, partially, with similar wind conditions.

Proceeding north, about 1 km, practically along the same beach, you have another spot, mainly appreciated by kitesurfers, but also fun for windsurfers: Le Saline. Le Saline beach has this name because, in the past, it was a salt production area. Here, you also have some brackish lagoons, which, especially at sunset, offer truly enchanting landscapes.


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The Mistral does not enter perfectly in the two spots, as it is partially disturbed by the hills north-west of Olbia. In any case, when it is well oriented from the NW (but in the Bonifacio Channel, and in the north of Sardinia, it more often blows right from the West), and it is strong, it also reaches these two spots.

At Murta Maria, you can often see (with SE wind, in particular) high-level freestylers, who move here from the nearby Porto Pollo (where the SE does not enter). The Marina Maria windsurfing school operates on the spot, as already mentioned, offering rental services and lessons.

Hang loose. Fabio Muriano

Click here, for a slidegallery taken during a session in Murta Maria, with the Sirocco wind


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