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Dakhla, in Morocco (Western Sahara), is a place that, within a few kilometers, offers many different spots, both for windsurfing and kitesurfing and surfing as well, and that, above all, has a frequency of very high wind days. We have recently tried some spots in that area, and, in this review, we provide an accurate description of them, with many tips you won't find anywhere else.


Windsurfing, spots reviews: Dakhla, Morocco (Western Sahara)

We had the chance to try the various spots in the Dakhla area, for the first time in June 2018. We organized a really last minute trip (read report), in just three days, to be sure to find good wind conditions, and we were lucky. During our 7 days of staying, full of windsurfing, we had strong wind for 3 days, and medium wind for others 4. Zero days of calm. The first days, we had also good swell conditions, enjoyed in the spot of Lassarga.

At Dakhla, the coast is characterized by a huge 40 km long peninsula that separates a 10 km wide bay from the ocean; the bay, perhaps improperly, is generally called the lagoon. The spots inside the lagoon offer flat or choppy water conditions, while the spots of the beaches that overlook the ocean can offer conditions that vary from flat water, to bump and jump, to fairly challenging wave conditions.

Before proceeding to the detailed description of the spots and related logistics, we focus on some general considerations, useful for organizing the trip.

Windsurf Dakhla Morocco 24


Windsurf Dakhla Morocco 34

Windsurf Lassarga1

Windsurf Dakhla Morocco 40





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In short, Dakhla is a true high-wind area, which will hardly disappoint you. Within about 40 kms, it offers many good spots, for all levels and tastes. Apart from windsurfing, the area does not offer much, except for some desert excursions and for some places with a spectacular view in the lagoon. Do not expect much from Dakhla town, and prepare yourself to cross some areas with signs of decay (and waste scattered here and there) in the vicinity of the town, and minor villages (of course, if you do not stay all your time inside the camps that are kept, in general, quite clean). Ultimately, here you come for quality windsurfing, and to relax.

Hang loose. Fabio


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A video that shows well the wave potential of Dakhla spots (spot Oum Lambouir and Lassarga) 


Here below, the videos taken during our staying and our sessions




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