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I guessed that this trip to South Africa would have been nice ..... The reality was also better than the imagination, with so many confirmations, and pleasant discoveries. In this article, I would like to share the travel experience and the strong emotions experienced in my first South Africa. 

"The sun rose on the final day of competition to reveal stunning logo high waves peeling off the point. Smaller than the huge day before but pure Pacasmayo perfection nonetheless". This is the beginning of the article we received from the IWT staff. And it was natural to decide to publish this piece of news about one of the few events that we consider really interesting in the Windsurfing regattas panorama.

Do windsurfers and kitesurfers always have to fight when they are on the same spot? These funny video that Marin David, a french freestylers, has sent us, seems to prove that surfers and kiters can also agree, and enjoy together.

We continue with the overview of the 2018 main brands bords tests, published in the March-April issue of the well-known French magazine Windmag, summarizing the results for the wave boards.

Also this year, the March-April issue of the well-known French magazine Windmag is dedicated to tests of the new 2018 windsurf boards and sails of the leading brands. In this, and in subsequent articles, we will provide a summary, with some insights offered by the magazine about these products. Let's start with the freestylewave 2018 boards.

On the occasion of the last trip to the Prà de la Fam (Garda Lake), we had the opportunity to meet Claudio Bertagna, Simmer Style agent for Italy, who, at the end of the session, showed us the new 2018 -2019 boards collection, of the well-known brand born in Maui.

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