Beginners always have many difficulties, and unclear ideas, on which boards to buy, at the beginning of their career. With this article, we would like to give newbies a hand in choosing the first large volume windsurfing board, on which to take their first steps, and the first medium volume freeride board, with which to evolve further. We therefore give you an overview of the latest dedicated models offered by the market.

In 2022, Goya has renewed its windsurfing sails models. Alberto Lovison, from Detour Surf in Peschiera del Garda, helps us to understand the characteristics of the products, designed for the different disciplines.

The new Goya and Quatro 2022/2023 windsurfing boards are now available from retailers. Alberto Lovison of Detour Surf , Peschiera del Garda, helps us discover new products, also giving us many useful tips.

A great day of sailing and sport at Univela Campione, with 18 races finished on the water for all three categories at the iQFOiL INTERNATIONAL GAMES YOUTH & JUNIOR, thanks to the return to normality of the World renowned Garda weather conditions. Early in the morning three Course races for all, with a 13/14 knot wind from the north, Peler, while around noon it was time for the Medal Races with the south-easterly breeze.

After an extensive period of R&D, a new foil racing board “Hydro” is now introduced into the Severne board range. This represents yet another major milestone for the Severne brand. Along with the introduction of the Hydro, a whole new breed of riders will be pushing the board to its limits on the racecourse all around the world.

Nicolas Goyard has won the second edition of the Lanzarote Foil Challenge that took place yesterday on the island of Lanzarote. The challenge, sailing for 9 hours on a windsurfing board covering over 200 kilometers without stops, a real challenge for even the best athletes in the world.

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