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Point 7 has just launched 2021 windsurfing gear collection. A great effort has been made to develop Foil sails, in particular, considering the growing success of this discipline, with some interesting hybrid models, also.  But lots of testing has carried out on wave and freestyle products to get even better performances. We report here Point 7 intro to new collection.

iQFoil International Games started on 19th of October 2020, in Campione, Lake Garda. This new Olympic windsurfing class is knowing a growing interest and success. We report here the chronicle of race days, which IQFoil International Games Communication office is sending us.

For beginners, rigging a windsurf sail and preparing the board as best as possible, evaluating the result obtained, is an operation full of unknowns. We receive many requests in this regard in the Waterwind forum. Since an important part of our fun depends on the sailing and board performance in the water, we thought it could be useful to publish this article to help "young" windsurfers.

Windsurf, test vele freeride: Point 7 AC-X 2020

Freeride sails without cambers are the perfect engine for those who love medium-long rides, full planing, with their windsurfing board. In this article we summarize the results of the tests conducted on thirteen 2020 models by the riders of the well-known French magazine Windmag.

Freewave, or all-around, sails are windsurfing sails that allow you to cover a wide range of conditions. In this article, we summarize the tests results of the French magazine Windmag, relating to the 2020 freewave sails.

Windsurfing wave sails must satisfy many requirements at the same time, to offer the best performance in waveriding, and in jumps, and also in the short rides, when you have to go upwind. In this article, we summarize some results of the tests done by the french magazine Windmag on 14 new 2020 items.

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