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We propose another beautiful spot review of Gian Lorenzo Loria, a Sardinian rider, who gives us tips about Lu Bagnu, in the northern part of Sardinia.


Windsurf spot reviews: Lu Bagnu (Castelsardo, Sardinia)

Lu Bagnu is a small village of the municipality of Castel Sardo.

The spot works, mainly, with North East Wind (side), and is predominantly a summer spot, as an important thermal component adds to NE wind.

The parking lots are above the rocky hill, while the beach, where you rig and from where you start riding, is at the end of a ramp that can only be covered on foot (see map at the end of the article). Normally we also park in double rows for a quick evaluation, we discharge our equipment, and move the car for a proper place where to leave it.


You begin sailing on starboard tack, and the ridings are almost perpendicular to the beach. You need to pay attention, especially in the way back, to pass between the little island at the East and the shallow waters area at WEST, in a space of about 80-100 meters (see again the precious map at the end of the article). The shallow waters is well recognizable by the waves that break and create a clean swell, often enjoyed by wave surfers.


lu bagnu castelsardo


The wind is constant, with very few bursts, and the waves are important, even if they do not break off. They are beautiful, two meters high, very far from each other.

Normally you go out with freewave boards, but the slalom boards fans take out a small board, and they jump into what becomes a motocross track.

In addition to the strip of sand from which you can start, the coast is full of rocks or rocky plateaus, with rocks/stones just under the water surface, making it risky to return to points different from the the starting one.

With very strong current, the spot is not recommended for beginners, but reserved to clever and good level windsurfers.

Good wind. Gian Lorenzo Loria

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