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Toscolano is a spot that works a few days a year, when Balì, a local wind due to storms, begins to blow. But when it works, it's a spectacular spot, but not for everyone.


Windsurf, spot reviews: Toscolano, Lido degli Ulivi, Garda Lake

If the Balì is strong, this spot (like Desenzano or Moniga, San Sivino) shows that the Garda, on the right days, can offer marine conditions, with regular 2-3 meter waves, allowing some waveriding, and the ability to do some significant height jumps (read report of the session here of August 6, 2017).



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Once offshore, the waves are bigger (they can exceed two meters), they are sometimes steep, and they can break. The spot requires good technique, and maybe even a bit of weight (it helps to manage the strong wind, with board and sail). The equipment should also be appropriate. On the best days, even the heavier riders go out with sails of 4 square meters; the lighter ones have to ride with sails of 3.7-3.4 square meters. We saw on the spot, even riders with freestyle boards (who performed some of the modern freestyle maneuvers, among in the waves). But the wave boards in this spot have reason to be used. 

At the spot, there is the bar/restaurant "Lido degli Ulivi", where you can eat something on the fly (a sandwich e.g.), or at table, and where there are of course toilet facilities available. In conclusion, "Tosko bay", as the spot is named by locals, is a spot where to make memorable sessions.

Hang Loose. Fabio 


Click here, to enjoy the slidegallery of the session of 6 august 2017


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The video of the session here, on 6th of august 2017



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