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I tried the spot on August 2011, for the first time (and more recently in August 2015), looking for an alternative to Como Lake, where, because of the intense heat of those days (35 ° C), the Breva, the tipical thermal wind, never started, or was weak. I would say that the experience was very positive.

The range of wave boards is getting wider and wider, with lots of thruster and quad boards, and with shapes suitable for different sea and wind conditions, as well as for riders of different level. Once again, with the help of the French magazine Windmag, we briefly review the 2017 models of major brands, and some custom boards too.

A 3,500 square foot water sports toy store, located at Maui, Hawaii.

Making exciting every day, requires a lot of work, and resources. But the success that you are acknowledging to us, pushes us to move forward, and to improve our website and your experience....

A weekend with winds from the East, that started, for us, in Cannes, on Saturday, at Palm Beach, with about 30-35 knots wind, and good waves; the spot, though, was too crowded. In the evening, we ended with a fine dinner in good company, in Antibes.

Domaso, in the Northern part of Como Lake, is, probably, the best loved windsurf spot by foreign riders, expecially from Swiss, Germany and from Holland. And they are right, because it has many positive elements to offer.

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