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Adventurous windsurfing trip to Hyeres (France) of 6 windsurfers of Waterwind team, condensed in the we of 5th and 6th of March 2016. Saturday west wind at 40 knots. Sunday an unstable NW wind between 20 and 30, but at times enjoyable.

It was just a bit of time that I did not ride in Northern Italy Lakes. After lots of session at sea spots during these last months, it was good to be back on Garda Lake, to enjoy a 25 kts Peler at Prà de la Fam. Season on Garda Lake has already begun!

We always like Adriano's reports. They talk about windsurfing, but they also talk about much more. This December, he was in Porto Pollo, Sardinia, at a time when the mythical spot of the island almost becomes a spiritual place, where you can enjoy windsurfing sessions with a few riders in the water, or even a solo session, in in the midst of an even more fascinating nature.

Plenty of wind indeed ... Today, at Prà de la Fam, Lake Garda, his majesty the Peler went on stage with his best suit. Wind from 7.00 to 12.00, for a really funny windsurfing session! And to make matters even better, I had the pleasure of filming Simone Grezzi's show.

The kitesurfing, windsurfing, and SUP school, of Michiel Bouwmeester, located in the spot of Porto Pollo, in Sardinia, the Mecca of Water sports.

Luckily, we have Federico Morisio (I-676), sharing this amazing video shot in Sardinia, who keeps us happy, and still makes us dream of being in the water doing some windsurfing in the waves (but also feeling some reasonable envy ...).

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