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A school and a rental center for windsurfing and other watersports, located in the very heart of Marseille.

Valmadrera is one of the most popular spots of Como Lake. It's a spot that works with winds from the north: the Tivano, early in the morning, or the so called foehn, which, if conditions are right, can blow at any time of the day.

Appointment in the mythical spot of Hyeres for the waterwind group of riders, on January 4, 2015. The spot has has not disappointed us, giving a week end of strong mistral, and spring time temperatures.

The range of wave boards is getting wider and wider, with lots of thruster and quad boards, and with shapes suitable for different sea and wind conditions, as well as for riders of different level. Once again, with the help of the French magazine Windmag, we briefly review the 2017 models of major brands, and some custom boards too.

Surfdose Staff sent us this review about SurfDoseAlert, an useful tool for all windsurfers. We publish it with pleasure.

Toscolano is a spot that works a few days a year, when Balì, a local wind due to storms, begins to blow. But when it works, it's a spectacular spot, but not for everyone.

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