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This first trip of mine to Oman has left me with so many images and thoughts in my mind, and in my heart. It was, undoubtedly, an unforgettable windsurfing experience with serious waves, but also a dip in the Arab world and in very particular desert landscapes, so different from those to which we are normally accustomed. Finally, it was a chance of meeting with many interesting people.

Je adore Le Brusc.... A windsurfing day to remember, Saturday 20 May 2017, in South France. We had our session at Le Brusc, which confirmed to be a fantastic spot, and we took the chance to try, finally, the mythical Coudouliere .... Wind first for 4.2, then for 3.7 ....

Freeriding is one of the most popular windsurfing disciplines. The well-known French magazine Windmag has tested 6 models of 2019 freeride boards. In this article, we summarize the tests results.

Last Sunday, Bordighera, Liguria, Italy, gave an amazing windsurfing day, with an east wind at 40 knots, a turquoise sea, and a wonderful sun. Our friend Gianky sent us these beautiful photos that show what we missed ....

We arrived in Porto Pollo with some doubt that it was a spot too challenging for us, still not much expert. On the other hand, the spot proved to be very safe and funny, because there is always  land downwind (and, usually, it is a sandy beach...), except when the wind blows from the South.

You'll never forget the first time in Funtana. Funtana Meiga (in the municipality of Cabras, Sardinia) is a true playground, perfect for waveriding in safety, and full relax. The sessions here give great satisfaction, and remain indelible in your memory for a lifetime.


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