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Stintino is a well-known tourist resort in Sardinia. The local rider Gian Lorenzo Loria sent us this accurate review of the windsurf spot, which we gladly publish.


Windsurfing, review spot: Stintino, La Pelosa, Sardinia


Located in the North Western tip of the island, about 30 minutes drive from Porto Torres, and 40 from Alghero Airport.

Coordinates: 40.959638, 8.213621.

It is a destionation very much loved by tourists, so in summer it is advisable to arrive early in the morning, considering the parking costs (blue stripes) along the waterfront (more than two euros per hour); paid parking is active from May to September. Arriving there early in the morning, you can ask to Roberto Tavazzi's Windsurfing Center (the Lion of Stintino - ITA-665), unload the equipment, and park in a private parking related to the Center: you will pay € 8 for the whole day.



Io a La Pelosa

The spot works fine with the Grecale (NE wind), attracting prominent riders like Jacopo Testa (PWA champion), and Matteo Spanu. If you happen to see the forecasts for the spot, add at least 6 kts! Editor's note: in this regard, we recently tried the spot with Grecale, who fully confirmed this circumstance. We point out that with Grecale, we also tried to ride Vignola, more northward on the west coast of Sardinia, and we found that the Grecale in Vignola doesn't blow very well (somewhat gusty, and unstable near the shore). We therefore recommend you to go to Stintino, if the weather forecasts predicts Grecale

"Waveriding" and freestyle near the shore; upwind you can reach a line, close to the shallow waters of the Piana Island, where flat surface allows to launch the board at a broad reach, full speed.


Partenza da La Pelosa


Be careful to the shallow waters areas. One is to your left, downwind of the starting beach (near the Windsurfing center), on which you tend to be drifted, where waves break, and could give a few problems, bringing the gear to the pier immediately further downwind. Just a little bit of attention for the first 50 meters is enough.

Scannacapretti's shallow waters area, on the east side of the Piana island, makes many victims, especially if with fins over 35 cm, since it deceives with the emerald water colors, that do not give any sense of depth. Recognizable by the foam that forms upwind. I left a 45 cm fins and a box....

The other winds with which the spot works are Mistral, which makes the Scannacapretti area dangerous, because you can not locate it clearly. Anyway, if it is not very much strong, Mistral let you ride around the Island of Piana, with a beautiful regatta. It also works with the SW, if the intensity is greater than the 20 kts, being able to not be stopped by RocaRuja, an impressive hotel behind the spot.


Partenza de La Pelosa

Pelosa Lorenzo Deluca

During the summer months, the beach is also provided with family services, and the assistance of the Windsurf Center is complete, from equipment rental, to parasols, parking and lessons.

An important point of interest.... is located in Pozzo San Nicola, and its name is Sapores Antigos (Ancient tastes). This is a pastry/bar with typical local products, meeting point for all of us after the windsurfing session: warm seadas, cured meats, fresh beers. I do not get a penny for advertising, but it is a folkloristic element not negligible for us local!

Returning to PortoTorres-Alghero-Sassari, at Pozzo San Nicola roundabout take the first exit, and park in the left-hand area.


Gian Lorenzo Loria


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