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Here is the unmissable South Africa Windsurfing spots overview, that our collaborator from Rome, Giuseppe Segneri, wrote for us. And with this second episode, we should definitely have convinced you to leave for that paradise....!


Windsurf, spot reviews: South Africa

(editor's note: read also a very detailed and recent spot reviews about Paternoster here)

After the first article, in which we provided a detailed description of the organization of the trip and stay in South Africa, now let's get to the heart and try to understand the conditions and spots present in this wonderful corner of paradise, with this article accompanied by a beautiful slide gallery of the very strong Rider from Bolzano, Italy, Marco Naseer Nardone, my great friend, as well as a dispenser of excellent advice on where to go daily.


Cape Point Epic Day, South Africa



The main and best known spot is Sunset (see map below). This spot works with the South East, which enters side, and it is the first spot you come across coming from Cape Town, and certainly the windiest. It's where the wind comes in first. The spot works well early in the morning, when the wind is not strong yet. Here, the wave you will find is fast and steep, thus allowing you to do more bottom turns on the same wave, and, in my opinion, it is perhaps the best where to learn how to make the aerials. Being a beach break, there are no particular dangers for the equipment and for ourselves. Just be careful not to break the mast on the shorebreak. There are several fairly large parking areas, and access is direct to the beach.


Parking at Sunset, South Africa

Sunset, South Africa

Sunset, with a view of Table Mountain, South Africa


Big Bay

Continuing north, you have Big Bay, a beautiful sheltered bay, where you can have fun in any condition.


Bigbay, South Africa

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It will often happen to surf with seals, or to play on the waves with dolphins. These experiences, I assure you, will remain etched in your memory, with all the wonderful colors and scents that will accompany you throughout your holiday.

I forgot to tell you something funny. Near the Cape of Good Hope, you will happen to park the car in an area frequented by baboons, who will use all their cunning to steal your lunch, or your snack, at the limit of physical struggle with you: I recommend you to give up!!

Hang loose. Giuseppe Polix


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