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The beach of Porto Ferro, in the Province of Sassari, in the North West of Sardinia, is located in a very wide and wild bay. The local Gian Lorenzo Loria sent us this interesting review.


Windsurf, spot reviews: Porto Ferro, Sassari, Sardinia

This is a beach near the airport of Alghero, although the municipality is in the District/Province of Sassari.

Coordinates 40.684177, 8.204735 (see map at the end of the article).

One of the largest sandy beaches in the area, enclosed between two Aragonese towers guarding the bay.



Porto Ferro baia

Porto ferro


It is very popular also as a spot for wave surfing, presenting a sea bottom of mixed rocks and sand that suddenly rises just when from the offshore sea you get close to the shore.

As for windsurfing concerns, the spot works well with the winds from the West, giving conditions of flat water, and with the Mistral (NW), if you have waves conditions. West and Waves do not agree in this spot, and the water seems to boil, rather than breaking towards the shore . As for the conditions with the West, when you do not have swell, and the wind is not strong, below 20 kts, the water is flat. If in the evening the wind falls, and in the night is quiet, even for several days, you can have West wind during daylight, and practically flat water. Otherwise, in the presence of low pressure offshore of Sardinian Sea, even several tens of miles off, you can find waves of 2-3 meters without even a wind breath.

Very large parking, free, even if away from the water and even more from the beach. You have to go to the little bar near the spot, unload the equipment and, then, go back to park.


Porto ferro1



In summer time, two rescue stations; in summer and in winter time, with sunny weather, the bar near the spot is open.


Gian Lorenzo Loria

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