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The spot of Pra de la Fam, at Tignale, on Garda Lake, is one of the best spot of the lake where you can ride with the Peler, the typical morning thermal wind, or with foehn winds from the North. We tried it, and we were immediately well impressed by its characteristics.


Windsurfing, spot review: Pra de la Fam (Garda Lake)

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You can reach the spot driving on "gardesana occidentale", the main road on lake west coast. Coming from the South, the spot is 6.5 km after Gargnano village, while, coming from the North, it is 3.5 km after Campione del Garda.


View of the spot from payment parking

The spot is particular, and therefore suggestive. In this part of the lake, the coast is mostly steep and rocky, and the beach of the spot is one of the few points that offers some extra plan space, and allows the entry into the water with a reasonable comfort . Coming from the South, as we did, the spot catches you almost by surprise. After several galleries and steep coast parts, suddenly after a last tunnel, you see in front of you a beautiful lemon garden (a typical greenhouses for Lemons that you find on Garda lake), in a large rocky niche in the mountain, well exposed South/Southeast. The road here  enlarges and offers parking for a dozen cars on the left. On the right, that is on the shore of the lake, you can see a short pebble beach with a few trees, just in front of the Pra Bar, located on the opposite side of the road.



Main beach to get into water at the spot

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The spot, on the whole, is relatively safe, although generally not suitable for beginners with the Peler. Leaving from the beach in front of the Bar Al Pra, you have about 150 meters to drift, with other downwind beaches, useful for the landing in case of breakage, or other problems, before the coast gets steep agaiun. As mentioned, near the shore, the wind is less strong (especially at mid-morning). So, if you do not feel sure, you can stay close to the beach, without going off, even if with more unstable wind conditions.


Pra de la fam 1930


For those in search of planing, you have 4 kms before reaching the other coast at Brenzone.....

In short, the Pra de la Fam is a spot that we really like, and that sincerely recommend to all fans.


Aloha. Fabio Muriano

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Here below, a video taken on the spot.


Clicking here, you can enjoy a slidegallery related to a session in the spot.

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