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Valmadrera is one of the most popular spots of Como Lake. It's a spot that works with winds from the north: the Tivano, early in the morning, or the so called foehn, which, if conditions are right, can blow at any time of the day.


Windsurf, spot reviews: Valmadrera, the top for freestyle and slalom


Valma 30 6 2014 3


Tivano, more frequent, and corresponding to Garda's Peler, is a thermal wind that is established by pressure difference between the air above the lake, or the mountains more at North (colder) and that one above the plain to the south (warmer). In the summer, ideal conditions for Tivano are those related to the presence of the Azores anticyclone (i.e., good weather, but not too hot). When it gets too hot, and even the lake water becomes a warm broth, the pressure difference is canceled and you have no wind, or is weak. The Tivano usually lasts up to 9 - 9,30 in the morning (exceptionally, even later), and, therefore, you must reach the spot early (some even with the first light of dawn!). Anyway, it depends on how much you want to surf.



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A last thing to say: my first time on the spot, Saturday, July 10, 2013, will remain a memorable day in my career as a windsurfer: foehn wind, 4.7/5 square meters of sail, warm and clear spectacular day! Two hours of session from 9-11. I know that I will get up more often early in the morning, winning my idiosyncrasy to leave my bed just after dawn ....!

To view a nice slideshow in high risolution, taken at the spot, click here.


Have Fun. Fabio

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