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Playa Sotavento, at Fuerteventura (Canary Islands, Spain), is a world-renowned spot, where every year PWA regattas take place. He owes its fame to the intensity and constancy of the Trade Winds (Aliseo), which, especially in the warmer months, provide perfect conditions for windsurfing. It's a spot suitable for beginners, as well as it gives much satisfaction to the more experienced surfers.


Windsurf spots: Fuerteventura (Playa Sotavento), Canary Islands, Spain


With the help of some friends, who have been there recently, we publish this review written toghether. 

Fuerteventura is easily reached by low coast flights of Ryanair, Iberia, and other airlines companies. From Northern Italy, the flight takes a little more than four hours, while the return takes about 3 hours. Booking in advance, you will get some really low rates.



In Fuerteventura, you can ride both in the northern part of the island (El Cotillo, Corralejo), and in the south (Playa Sotavento). See map at end of article. At Sotavento, there is also the possibility of surfing is in a lagoon of brackish water that forms in high tide conditions, and that provides very flat water conditions, ideal for freestyle and for speed. But you can ride at sea as well, with predominantly offshore wind, low waves near the shore, and formed ones off (roughly parallel to the beach, and, therefore, good to surf on the way back, and exploitable for jumping in the way out). To verify in advance the table of the tides, and book your holiday when you can surf also in the lagoon (if you want), you can check the website of Rene Egli, the biggest center of windsurfing on the spot, and one of the most largest in the world.

For the accommodation near the Sotavento spot, you can rent an apartment in Costa Calma, on airbnb, as done by our friend Pietro, "Thirty Euros per day spent very well, for an apartment at 500 meters from the beach with all you need. Bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, and an ocean view terrace where to take breakfast ... ". Alternatively, you can refer to the classic Our friend Andrea suggests the Melia Gorriones Hotel, right at the spot, where you'll also will eat very well (grilled fish every evening at dinner!). Double room at Christmas time (2015), at 80-90 euros. 


For equipment rental, there are several possibilities. Again, we leave the word to Pietro:

"First, we had a look to Ion Club at Costa Calma, which is a spot on the local beach in the midst of bathing facilities. At a glance, he did not fascinat me a lot, so we moved toIon Club at Playa El Risco, a spot at the end of Playa Sotavento Lagoon, about 5 km from Costa Calma, 9 minutes by car: a very wild place with the possibility of surfing in the lagoon during high tide. The problem with this spot is the downside: with low tide, you have to walk approximately 300 meters with the equipment before entering the water. At this point, we decided to go and see Renè Egli, that is located about 3 km from Costa Calma, 5 minutes by car. It was love at first sight: the ocean with a fenced area in the shadow of the giant palm trees offers everything a surfer and his girlfriend, wife, lover could want. Sunbeds, umbrellas, great music and all the equipment you need for the big tournament.

Identical prices to Ion Club (according to Andrea, a little more expensive than Ion Club during Christmas holday). I had an equipment rental 4 out of 6, that allows you to have 4 non-consecutive days with no time limit, in six days. It was the winning choice. Guido, the head of Rene, a very nice Italian, was the best guide I could ever wish for all the surfing holiday".


Fuerte 2



In the afternoon, usually, the wind increases in intensity, and the low tide calm the morning waves, if you go out into the sea. The wind is almost always offshore.

As previously reported, the best time for wind conditions, at Fuerte goes from late spring to early autumn (the warmest period). In early June of 2016, our friend Pietro, on 8-day stay, had only a windless day, while the others were all good with days, with wind at 35 knots, and waves offshore, of about 1.5 meters. Andrea, however, tried to go there at Christmas: in his experience the North East wind, as well as being weaker, is more difficult to get in Sotavento in that period, and he had to drive to Corralejo Flag Beach to find wind good to get planing, but only with large sails (6 square meters).

It should immediately be said that, in Sotavento, rescue team guards are very careful and they are rather inflexible. Continuously scour the sea in front of the beach on board of watercraft, ready to rescue those in trouble before could be drawn downwind  ... to Florida.


Fuerte 3


In the water, you will always find Roger, a professional photographer, who takes wonderful pictures and videos of riders surfing around (as the ones published in the final part of this article), to sell, then, at the beach, if you are interested.

Fuerte, however, offers also nice landscapes and beautiful beaches for those who do not want to practice watersports, but only to enjoy beach life. For this reason, it is worth to reserve a car (also in this case, moving in advance, you save money). You have to visit the North of the island which is wonderful, too. Obligatory stop in Corralejo and El Cotillo, where you have La Concha, a white beach with a crystalline lagoon that will leave you breathless.

Recommended dinner to restaurant Bahia, in La Pared, with magnificent sunset over the ocean: you will earn a mega bonus with your partner to play it in the upcoming days ... or the same evening.



Matas Blancas

Flag beach
foto7 1
Below, some of the photos taken to Pietro, by Roger.

In short, Playa Sotavento in Fuerteventura, is a must in the life of every surfer!

Aloha. Fabio
We thank Pietro Vataman, and Andrea Conversano, for precious information provided.


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A short video sent by Pietro, while beach starting, and the introduction video of Renè Egli windsurf center.
Another video taken at the spot, which gives a good idea of the conditions you can find there.
Last, as timelapse, the video that shows appearing and disappearing of lagoon with tide.

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