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Friday, August 21, 2015, I was visiting friends Andrea and Matteo in Tuscany, and I tried the spot of Talamone, in the province of Grosseto. I tried the spot in a typical summer day, with thermal breeze of varying intensity..

Windsurf spot reviews: Talamone (Tuscany, Italy) 

To reach the spot, I left the Aurelia National road, taking the exit of Fonteblanda, and following, then, signs for Talamone (see map below)..




There are more parking options. Many park at the big dirt yard of the "Talamone Wind Beach" (paid parking, open to campers - see map). The cost of this park, in 2015, was 5 euro for all day and 3.50 euro for half a day, basically what you spend at the further North parking of camping Talamone (see below). At this point (wihich is downwind, with the typical summer breeze), you have lots of the kiters. So consider whether or not beachstarting from here. At this beach, there is a school, called Windsurfing Mania, which also offers the possibility to rent windsurf equipment.




On the advice of friends, I continued further north (towards Talamone) and I parked in the parking lot of the Residence "Il Poderino" (again see map). The large parking near the beach would be reserved for residence guests, but the staff is very kind, and, in general, if you ask (and there is availability) they let park even those who want to stop for a surfing day. At this parking lot (and also not very far from the other one described below), there is TWKC (Talamone Windsurf Kitesurfing Center), where you can rent equipment or take lessons.






Inside the Residence, and aside of the parking lot, there is a comfortable lawn to put rig your equipment, and a picnic area (with a children playground, tables, chairs).



Just to the north, there is a further possibility of parking, close to the beach. You can get there by a dirt road that starts almost opposite to the entrance of the Talamone Camping Village. The road is guarded by a barrier. To enter, you have to ask for a pass to the campsite (cost € 25, including 20 deposit for the pass, and 5 for the daily parking - prices 2015).



There are few beaches in this bay (mostly at Talamone Wind Beach). Mainly, there is a rocky cliff, with some point of access points to water. Near the shore you have very shallow waters, and it remains like this for 60-70 meters. Pay attention that it is not all sandy bottom. In some places, there is a rocky plateau (with the possible presence of sea urchins), or in some areas there is a dense algae coverings. It is recommended, therefore, the use of shoes. Beyond 70 meters from the shore, the bottom gets deeper and there are no more problems.



The scenario while surfing in the water is magnificent. To the north, you have the village of Talamone. To South/South-West, the bay is closed by the shape of the Argentario promontory.

During the afternoon, a thermal breeze rises from the northwest. The day we tried the spot there were no reinforcements of the mistral wind. The breeze comes from the land (see map) until you do not overcome, while surfing to offshore, the tip of Talamone. The day we tried the spot, the breeze was quite unstable, both as direction and magnitude (5-20 knots) with gusts stronger near the shore, in the northern stretch of the bay, between the village of Talamone and the TWKC. Past the tip of Telamon, the wind was more stable, with less strong gusts, but ti could allow us to keep steady planing with a sail of 6.3 square meters (I weight 67 kgs). Friends who habitually frequent the spot tell us that the wind we experienced was lower than the one of a typical day. According to their information, the thermal breeze here rises around at 13:30 and increases until it reaches maximum intensity at around 16, and then goes decreasing, although in the best days it can stay up late at the evening. From May / June to September, when the sky is clear, the absence of disturbances passing nearby and warm sun, the breeze is a guarantee, with remarkable intensity, and sometimes the lightest riders rig 4.7/5 square meters sail; in the bay the wind enters side / side off, accelerated by the shape of the mountains that surround the bay to the north (hence stronger near these ones, in the north of the bay), while offshore the wind is generally slightly lower, and rotates slightly from the west direction.

In the bay, the wave is almost absent (little chop). Past the tip of Telamon, the wind coming from the sea, rises some waves, still within a meter of height.





The spot is generally safe. In case of drifting downwind, or breakage, there is a beach almost anywhere downwind. Pay attention to boats (when we tested the spot not so many), that enter and leave the marina of Talamone.
Basically, the kite go out at the south of the bay. But it is not an absolute rule. There there are certainly more. However they also go from TWKC. So, in the water it is always a good habit to pay attention.





The spot also works with the mistral winds, and with west, south-west and south wind. North-East and East wind enter gusty and offshore. Friends report that the spot, with the north-east wind in winter and spring, shows a charming landscape, but, as told, you sail with the wind completely offshore. The parking of Talamone Wind Beach is closed in that period. Not the best, but nice nonetheless. In these cases, they suggest to ride at Punta Ala.
With the south-west and south, they say that Talamone works well. Above all, the sirocco form a wave of about 1 meter on the left side of the bay, which is a good ramp for jumping.

In the north of the bay, we have not seen bar or other similar place on the beach where to eat. The Resicence "Il Poderino" has its own bar - restaurant of the highest quality , run by the young Mario, with the possibility of unforgettable eating, or sandwiches for lunch, and cocktails at sunset after surfing. They play music, and you can relax very much there. In the area of ​​Talamone Wind Beach there are no food options, as well. There are only vending machines, useful in cases of extreme necessity. We took some sandwiches made by ourselves.

Hang loose. Fabio

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Here below, a short clip filmed during our session at Talamone. 




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