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Marina delle Rose, in the municipality of Aglientu, is one of the best wave spots on the northwest coast of Sardinia. However, in order to fully enjoy it, you should know some tips regarding both logistics on the shore and the best wave areas and the potential dangers, once in the water.


Windsurfing, spot reviews: Marina delle Rose (Sardinia)


Driving along the district road SP90 that from Santa Teresa leads to Castelsardo, you get to the spot more comfortably turning to the Naracu Nieddu beach road sign (see detailed map at the end of the article). Ignore the indications for the beach of Lu litarroni (which you find little at north), the real beach of the spot, as accessing from the parking lot to the beach, there, you should cross the coastal dune, and walk along a long path, which would be uncomfortable with the equipment.


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Following the signs for the Naracu Nieddu beach, you will first come to a large paved car park, where in the summertime, you will leave the car. On the north-west corner of this paved car park, a narrow, steep concrete paved road starts. The road is narrow, and only one car can pass through. The road leads to the dirt coastal path that runs along all the beaches of the area (which is very interesting to walk on a beautiful sunny day without wind). At the end of the downhill road, on the left (less than 100 meters), there is a dirt area where you can park, when out of season, and where you can stay overnight, if you have a camper van (no services you are in wild nature). In this case, then you have to transport the equipment to one of the exit points, about 2-300 meters further north.

Alternatively, you can turn right at the end of the downhill road, and park in some places that are along the dirt coastal path (see map below). Even, in that case, it is necessary to carry the equipment to the beach a little further north. Consider, if necessary, that there is a wooden and concrete platform, at the Chiringuito Jacaba, located about 100 meters north of the turn at the end of the downhill road, where you can comfortably assemble your equipment (when the Chiringuito is closed), unless you want to rig next to your car.

You can access Naracu Nieddu Beach (the one below Chiringuito, and located in the southernmost part of the bay), through a wooden walkway that goes down from the dune to the beach, near the Chiringuito.


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With West and South West wind, you exit riding on port tack, and, since you find quite soon waves in front of you (at the best point to enter into the water above mentioned), you can easily jump. When you come back, you surf the waves in the frontside, on starboard tack. We think that the spot doesn't work well with Noprth East, as that wind comes from the inland, or from the high dune behind the beach, and so it comes down gusty (with this wind it's better to go to the Stintino area).

As far as beach services are concerned, the bar "La terrazza sul mare", located right at the end of the downhill road, is open on summer time, as well as the previously mentioned Chiringuito. Out of season, those bars are closed.


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On the spot, there is no way to hire equipment, or to take lessons. As for accommodation, there are several campsites in the area, in the inland; or, you can find a place where to sleep at Santa Teresa di Gallura, which is about 15 minutes drive from this wonderful spot.

Aloha. Fabio


Click here, to enjoy a high resolution slidegallery taken at the spot, on friday 27 october 2017


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