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Yzerfontein is a windsurfing spot, about 50 km from Cape Town, which offers good quality waves for waveriding sessions, and where, generally, the Cape Doctor blows a little less strongly than the more southerly spots. Nice beach and surroundings area, with some services available.


Windsurfing, spot reviews: Yzerfontein, South Africa


When the Cape Doctor (the thermic wind from South East that reaches the Atlantic coast of the Western Cape in summer) blows very strongly, or when its direction rotates slightly from the South, alternatives to the usual spots of the North Cape Town area must be sought (Sunset Beach, Big Bay, Haakgat, Melkbos - read review). So, Yzerfontein is a possible destination, about half an hour by car from the above mentioned spots. Alternatively, especially in case of wind rotation from South / South-West, you can go to Paternoster (read review), a spot with beautiful waves, in a wild environment, about an hour and a half drive from the North part of Cape Town.

To reach Yzerfontein (see map below), starting from Table View (where most windsurfers are housed), take the R27 northwards, towards Velddrif, until the intersection with the R315, where you turn left for Yzerfontein. After less than 10 km, you will reach the village. The spot beach is located in the northern part of the village. So, before entering it, take Buitekant Street, then First Street, and Beach Road. You can park comfortably on the seafront aside the spot wide beach.


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The bay is very suggestive, and is characterized by a large rock in the center, very scenic and which works as a reference point. The beach is roughly 50-90 meters deep, depending on the tide, and is quite long. In the north, you have rocks on the shore, which are not a danger during your sessions, as they are practically on the beach, or in an area where the seabottom is very low. Beyond the rocks on the shore, the beach continues endless. To the south, you have the village, high above the sea, whose houses disturb a bit the wind, especially near the shore, and in particular when it is not very strong.

The seabed drops very gradually, and this means that the beach has rather wide excursions in depth, and that there is a very strong current near the shoreline, directed from south to north. On the north side, at the end of Beach Road, you have a public toilet (which is generally clean and tidy), and nearby there is also a refreshment point, if you want to eat or drink something.

We tested the spot with satisfaction on January 17, 2020 (read report). In this review, we report some tips resulting from the experience made on that occasion.

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The atmosphere that reigns in the spot is peaceful and pleasant, similar to that you feel at Paternoster, but with some extra comfort: a wide scenario, with a strong and suggestive nature, with the possibility of enjoying the show, overlooking the promenade railing, or comfortably seated on its benches, when you want to take a breath between sessions.

Keep in mind that, if the day is not fully sunny, and the wind is strong, the spot can be colder than the spots closer to Cape Town. We happened to find 20-22 degrees and cloudy sky, while in Sunset Beach the sun shone and it was 30 degrees. There are no shops that provide windsurfing services, on the spot or in the village.

Hang Loose. Fabio

Click here, for a slidegallery filmed on the spot on January 17, 2020


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