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Cold Hawaii, a stretch of coast in the northwest of the Danish peninsula, about 50 km long, offers numerous spots for windsurfing, kitesurfing, and surfing. Hanstholm and Klitmøller are the most famous. But Denmark, from a tourist point of view, offers much more, and not only in terms of water sports. 


Windsurfing, spot reviews: Hanstholm, Klitmøller, Cold Hawaii, Denmark (and more)


It must be said, right away, that Denmark, when it comes to windsurfing (and kitesurfing), is not just Cold Hawaii. It is a country that offers a myriad of spots, for all tastes and levels, having a coastline that extends for 7500 km, and has also some lakes in the inland. Flat water, or waves, and lots of wind.

In this article, we will mainly tell you about some Cold Hawaii waveriding spots, with a hint of a few other flat water options in the Limfjord, a very long inlet, in the north of the country.

It should also be said that Denmark is not only worth a trip for windsurfing, but also to discover the country. Its towns/villages, Copenhagen, Helsingor, Skaegen, Saeby, Lokken, to name but a few, offer relaxed and pleasant atmospheres. You can easily cycle around, visit museums and art galleries (lots of them), or taste the local gastronomy (try the many types of smørrebrød, the tasty snacks prepared on rye bread), and the excellent beers.

The most frequent wind that hits the North West coast of the country comes from West, and is generated when the low pressure is positioned North of Denmark, and the high pressure South. With wind from this direction, the people of windsurfers (Danes, but also Germans, mostly) gathers, for the most part, in Hanstholm, the northernmost spot in Cold Hawaii. In fact, here, the coast faces north / north-east, and therefore, the wind blows side / side-off, port tack.



Windsurfing Hanstholm Denmark 003

Windsurfing Hanstholm Denmark 004

Windsurfing Hanstholm Denmark 003

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The most famous spot in Cold Hawaii is undoubtedly Klitmøller, where PWA circuit competitions also frequently takes place.

We checked the spot, although we haven't had a chance to try it yet. It must immediately be said that, unlike Hanstholm, Klitmoller offers a very pleasant atmosphere at the beach. Already arriving at the spot, you will notice the beautiful cottages that make up the village. Furthermore, near the beach, the numerous bars and restaurants, as well as the windsurfing and surfing schools make the atmosphere lively and animated. Here, the North Atlantic Surf Association, which promotes windsurfing and surfing, is based. Near the beach, there are several car parks (see map above), as well as public toilets with showers!

The spot works mainly with SW wind. But it can also work with N / NE, which is rarer (Denmark is almost flat, and the winds that arrive on the spots find few obstacles, whatever their direction). In conjunction with these wind directions, there must be swell from the West (which can, however, also overlap some windswell from the NE, resulting in a non-ideal messy sea). The waves form around a limestone reef covered with mussels. With a SW wind, the waves, that can be surfed, rise to the north of the reef, while, with a wind from the North East, the spot works the other way around, and the waves to the south of the reef are those that mainly can be surfed. To check the conditions on the spot, you can check this webcam. The SW wind is not very frequent in summer.

If the wind blows from the W (we happened to inspect the spot in these circumstances), it enters side / side on in the bay north of the reef, but it comes from the same direction as the waves. Therefore, the conditions are not ideal for waveriding, although windsurfing is always possible. With this wind direction, kiters prevail in the water, while waveriding enthusiasts move to Hanstholm, which, moreover, is only 15 minutes by car, and works well with wind from the West.


Windsurfing Hanstholm Denmark 008

Windsurfing Hanstholm Denmark 005

Windsurfing Hanstholm Denmark 007


The Klitmoller does not have significant dangers, since the coastline in this area is almost entirely sandy. However, keep in mind that, in the event of a wipe out, in some points, the water level over the reef can be very shallow. Here too, therefore, it may be advisable to wear  surfshoes, in addition to being careful, to avoid damage to the equipment.

Finally, we point out that 4/5 km east of Klitmoller, in the inland therefore, you have a lake called Vandet So, where we have seen some windsurfers enjoying good conditions for freestyle and freeride, with a water surface characterized by a slight chop, and a well spread west wind. Probably, you get into water near the church of Vester Vandet (see map).

Remaining on this coast stretch, however, a few kilometers south of Klitmoller, is the spot of Vorupør, which works with winds from SW or NE, with waves that rise clean around a breakwater pier. Having not inspected the spot, we have no more information to provide.

Finally, local Lars Petersen pointed out that the last spot in Cold Hawaii, Agger, offers very nice conditions when the SW wind rotates from S or SE, in conjunction with swell from the West. These are infrequent conditions. The waves here are high, and the shorebreak is quite bad, so this is a spot that requires a medium-high technical level.


Windsurfing Hanstholm Denmark 010

Windsurfing Hanstholm Denmark 011


Before closing this article, we highlight the fact that the area of Hvide Sande, also on the west coast of Denmark, overlooking the North Sea, offers many spots where you can go out in both waves and flat water conditions, including some spots located on the Ringkøbing Fjord, a very large brackish lagoon, characterized by medium-low water, ideal for freeride and freestyle sessions.

Finally, freestyle and freeride / slalom enthusiasts (as well as beginners) will also find many spots on the Limfjord, an extensive and articulated fjord that cuts across the Danish countryside, in the northern part of the country. In particular, we mention the spots of Rønbjerg and Lundø. Also in the Silkeborg lakes area, there is the possibility to go out (at the Windsurfing Club Silkeborg - see map).

Should you have any additional information about these spots, please let us know.

Aloha. Fabio

Click here, for the slidegallery of our session in Hanstholm, in August 2021.


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The video of our session in Hanstolm, in August 2021

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We also recommend this video by local rider Lars Petersen, and Ben Profitt, in which they explain the main spots of Cold Hawaii.

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