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After Arbatax review, the windsurf sardinian spot articles collection continues with Museddu, recently visited and reviewed by our freelancer Bruno.

Windsurf, spot reviews: Museddu, Cardedu (Sardinia - Italy)

"Hello to everybody. I would like to introduce to you a beautiful spot on the East Coast of Sardinia, which is quite perfect for windsurfing.

The spot is just a few kms south of Barisardo, in the village of Cardedu (see map at the end of the article). If you want to reach it, you have to leave Barisardo in southward direction, take the Via Lungomare of Cardedu, and go all the way to the end of the road, where there is a beautiful parking place under a fresh pine wood.

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The spot is located in a predominantly sandy bay, about 2-3 kms long. The waters are immediately deep, with a huge beach, before the Kitesurf center Ogliastra.
You can comfortably prepare your equipment under the pine wood, near the wind-sheltered parking place, where there is also a shower, and a fountain to rinse and wash yorself and the equipment.
The enormous width of the beach gives a beautiful maneuvering space, without creating any problems for summer bathers or kitesurfers nearby.

I knew this spot thanks to some friends (Local); about at the end of August, we have surfed here for four consecutive days with the South East between 15-20 knots, and with very low waves.


DSC 3090

DSC 3124

DSC 3257


With South East, you go out with the Side-onshore wind coming from the right. The peculiarity of this spot is that during the summer season, a thermal component, favored by the morphology of the surrounding area, adds to the South East wind, inhancing this beautifully not gusty wind. So, in those days, if we rode with 5.7 or 6.5, a few kms from the spot, you could not even get out with the formula board.....

It is a freeride / slalom / freestyle spot during the summer time, where you can have fun practising maneuvers in crystal clear waters. It is not a wave spot (not even at other times), because, since you have immediately deep water, waves that rise here are messy and unattractive


DSC 3299

DSC 3384

DSC 3426

The Local riders also report that, with the N/NE winds, prefer to ride at Arbatax, at La Capannina spot (read review).

So, if you come here, do not hesitate to try this wonderful spot that, even in days when nothing seems to happen, can give you a good surprise.

I thank Simona Mulas for the kind permission of publishing the beautiful photos that you see in this article".

Ciao, Bruno

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