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Mandello del Lario is an historical spot of Lake Como, which works well with the Foehn (strong wind from the North), especially when this is well oriented from N-NW.


Windsurf, spot review: Mandello del Lario (Lake Como), with Foehn


It's almost a secret spot, and the riders, who love it, are pretty jealous. The scarce availability of parking makes it less frequented than the nearby Abbadia Lariana spot. The result is that generally few (but good) surfers gather on the spot, to enjoy conditions similar to those offered by the best Peler at Lake Garda. The Panorama, however, is very impressive with the lake that opens to the north towards the Bellagio peninsula, with the mountains of the Como pre-Alps, in the background.



Windsurf Mandello Lago Como 215

Windsurf Mandello Lago Como 18

Windsurf Mandello Lago Como 35


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The Foehn, if it enters with the aforementioned direction, can be reasonably constant (it is always a bit gusty, in any case), and can reach intensity ranging from a minimum of 20 knots, to over 40, in the most demanding days. It is more frequent in spring and autumn, but it can also occur in the middle of winter, with days when it comes to nebulize the lake water surface. Also for the water temperature in winter, which may fall below 10 Celsius degrees, we recommend very cautioun in these cases, respecting the necessary safety rules. In the summer, Foehn generally does not blow (except for an occasional low pressure passage, maybe in June, early July).


In the summer, during the afternoon, a thermal wind can blow from the South (called Breva), but here it is very light, and suitable for beginners (while if you want to go out with a sustained Breva, 15 - 20 kts, you need to move to the spots in the northern part of the lake - see waterwind spot section).

Aloha. Fabio Muriano

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A video taken at the spot in a Foehn day.

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