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Giuseppe Segneri (nickname Polix), a windsurfer from Rome, went to South Africa in January 2018, and he was completely conquered by this windsurfing (and not only) paradise. In this first article, he provides many valuable information on the organization of the trip, both for those who want to go there for windsurfing, but also for those who simply want to go and visit a fantastic country.


Windsurf spot reviews: South Africa, tips for the journey

The departure

My journey begins on January 16th between a thousand expectations and many curiosities. Me and my friends start from Rome Aerport with Emirates airlines, which allows you to load in the hold 2 baggages, for a total weight of 30 kg, and a substantial carry-on baggage trolley. Excellent Airline, the journey is long and stops in Dubai; during the trip you can watch movies and the food served is good enough.

Clouds hat over Table Mountain 



Car rental and Accommodation

After the stopover in Dubai, we arrive the day after at the airport of Cape Town (Cape Point). It is very recommended to book the car from your country; we were satisfied with Avis, which provided us with a new Ford Fiesta for about 15 days, for a total cost of around 150 euros. The rental of cheaper and ancient cars is also recommended (e.g. the famous Golf of the late '70s) with the company "Rent a Cheapie": their cost is about 8 euros per day.

As for the place to stay, Table View is a must. It is a suburb of Cape Town of about 18,000 inhabitants, but in effect it is a town in itself, overlooking the sea and Sunset, one of the most famous spots in South Africa. Very welcoming, it provides beautiful villas for rent for an average price of 20-25 euros per day per person. In the town there is everything: a very large shopping center (Bayside Mall), two bars, "Trecastelli" and "Carluccio", meeting places in the morning for a briefing about the daily situation and where you can taste excellent italian pastries, and good espresso coffee. Personally, I much preferred Trecastelli, but to tell the truth from Carluccio I was able to take a selfie with the PWA champions Riccardo Campello and Gollito Estredo. Do not miss the sunsets at the "Blue Peter" bar restaurant where you can enjoy an aperitif or a beer after a windsurfing session. In the evening, after 9 pm, it is better to move to the nearby Cape Town.


Windsurf at Haagkat South Africa

At Carluccio: selfie with Gollito and Campello



The conditions of the swell and the intensity of the wind vary from year to year. We have found average conditions with winds on 25/30 knots, and waves that could vary from one meter to 2.5 meters. In the water, sails from 3.7 to 4.7. Lacking a 4.7, I brought with me the 5.0, but I mounted it with a 400, and so it resulted big and heavy for South African conditions. So, it is better to bring 2 masts, a 340 and a 370, and 3.7 - 4.2 - 4.7 sails. I still go back with my mind to these two beautiful weeks, with 13 sessions and an unforgettable session at Misty Cliffs, in the company of 3 dolphins, that passed under my board, and that swam next to us ... ..

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Short mention on water temperature and sharks

The water is cold (about 14 °C), but not less than the one you have in many european spots in winter conditions, so, with surf shoes, and a 5 mm wetsuit, the surf day is always pleasant and never traumatically chilly. Last consideration: in the water I met the dolphins, on two days, and one day a small seal, but never the sharks!!

So, arm yourself with tenacity and courage, and face this journey that will not disappoint you at all.

Hang loose. Giuseppe


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