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The 2021 windsurfing season started with a series of winter storms at Lake Garda, Italy. Today, 9 January, at Pra' de la fam, we enjoyed Peler wind at 35 knots, with fully winter weather conditions.

Also this time, Federico Morisio (I-676), sends us from Sardinia images of windsurfing, sea and waves, which really make us dream. Funtana Meiga, Maimoni and Porto Corallo are the fantastic wave spots scoured on this "chasing the storm" tour.

Luckily, we have Federico Morisio (I-676), sharing this amazing video shot in Sardinia, who keeps us happy, and still makes us dream of being in the water doing some windsurfing in the waves (but also feeling some reasonable envy ...).

For the third year in a row, we have returned to Brandon Bay; we have fallen in love with Ireland for the splendid wind and wave conditions it offers, and in particular Brandon bay is an excellent destination for windsurfing, for "waveriding", and surfing, especially in autumn!!

I really wanted it. After the controversial last Ligurian weekend, I came to cure myself at Lake Garda. The therapy worked. The Pra' de la fam, today, gave 3 hours of Peler at over 30 knots and a finger-licking windsurfing session....

I knew that I would also have to take the 80 liters board and the 3.7 sail with me. What a beautiful wind blast at Pra 'de la Fam, the mythical and our beloved spot on Lake Garda. This morning we enjoyed a windsurfing session full power, with a bit capricious wind, initially, but which, from 10.00 onwards, turned out really nice.

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