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Fredrik Plantin, a windsurfer from Sweden, every year flies to Western Australia, to enjoy stunning conditions. He sent us some words, some pictures and a video to share with us his amazing experience about his last journey to Gnalaroo. Let's hear about it from his words.

The windsurfing spots, in the Cape of Good Hope area, have a unique appeal. We would have liked to start exploring them, beginning with most forgiving ones. On the contrary, on Saturday, January 26, 2019, we ended up trying first the most challenging one, maybe: Cape Point. It was a day to remember, in which we could also observe many skilled riders in action.

Thursday, 24 January 2019, the coast of the Western Cape, in South Africa, was reached by a big swell, with waves that were even 4 meters high. The concomitant presence of the Cape Doctor, the famous South East wind often blowing over Cape Town, gave us some really amazing sessions. I went out in the morning at Sunset Beach, and in the afternoon at Big Bay, to discovered, then, that I had surfed in the middle of an incredible team of professional riders.

Sometimes, Mistral reaches Cannes.... and when it does, it can blow very strong over Palm Beach. On 9th december 2018, the wind reached 45 kts (and maybe more), and only few guys dared to challenge those conditions!

Bordighera, on Sunday, November 18, 2018, has made us just a nice gift, with very good conditions for windsurfing. Much more beautiful because unexpected, and in spite of the catastrophic scenarios reported by newspapers, with a springtime temperature.

A weekend with winds from the East, that started, for us, in Cannes, on Saturday, at Palm Beach, with about 30-35 knots wind, and good waves; the spot, though, was too crowded. In the evening, we ended with a fine dinner in good company, in Antibes.

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