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Finally, I went to try Moulay, in Morocco, a historic windsurfing spot, for amazing waveriding. The spot gave me and my friend many hours in the water, and in the waves, and the stay in Essaouira was a real immersion in the Arab world, with its customs and traditions.

One of the most beautiful windsurfing sessions at Piona I have ever done. This Spring time is continuing to give a lot of Breva wind, on Lake Como, and on May 20, to ride Piona, I had to rig the 4.7!

Could the wind be missing in Sardinia on the Easter day? Today, a nice Tramontana has blown on the whole east coast, and we went to try the spot of S'Ena 'e Sa Chitta, which gave us a fun windsurfing session among good sized waves and side / side off wind.

The idea was to rinse the windsurfing equipment used in Imperia the day before in fresh water, with a quiet session at the lake. And instead Mandello del Lario (Lake Como) staged a really strong Foehn day, with a very rough water surface!

The most challenging Spiaggia d'oro (Golden Beach) I have ever tried so far..... The famous spot of Imperia, yesterday, gave decidedly tough conditions, and a windsurfing session with a rising waves, and a wind that reached 40 knots.

Report of the windsurfing session in Bordighera (Liguria, Italy), with North-East/East wind, and good waves. Many hours in the water, and as always a lot of people in the spot.

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