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January 23, 2020 was our last vacation day in South Africa, this year. Sunset Beach, once again, was the spot that gave good conditions for a nice windsurfing session, even if the Cape Doctor began to blow a little later than expected.

During our 2020 holiday,  Cape Town, South Africa, has given us wind until the last days. On January 22, 2020, after admiring the Pros performing in the water at Witsand, with very strong wind, we opted for an afternoon windsurfing session in Sunset Beach, which often confirms as very fun.

Witsand, one of the most beautiful spots on the Cape of Good Hope, in South Africa, on January 21, 2020 gave a nice windsurfing day! Above all, the upwind part of the spot let the riders surf really great waves.  

In Cape Town, South Africa, they will remember 18th of January 2020 for a while ..... Anemometers in the city have reached 60 knots. In the Northwest windsurfing spots of Cape Town, the wind was a little less strong, but in the afternoon, in Big bay, only a few, mostly professional, riders entered the water for a pure adrenaline windsurfing session...

I had never windsurfed yet at Yzerfontein, a spot that, I don't know why, I thought less attractive than the others. And instead, on January 17th 2020, this spot, North West of Cape Town, South Africa, gave us one of the best windsurfing days of our holiday, with waves of excellent quality.

January 16, the third day of our vacation in South Africa, was a windsurfing day dedicated to some spots of the Cape of Good Hope: Scarborough and Witsand. They are positioned in one of the most fascinating stretches of the Western Cape coast. The spots conditions, and in particular those found at Scarborough, however, proved to be physically demanding.

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