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After reading and having exploited the valuable information of Fabio's and other riders' reports available on, it seems fair to reciprocate the windsurfers world community with the description of the spots I visited during these summer holidays :-) .

I hope you find these information useful for your trip to Greece, one of the few areas in the Mediterranean sea, that, on August, has a high probability of high winds!


Windsurfing, spot reviews: Paros and Mikonos, Cyclades Islands (Greece)


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Editor's note: the article was updated in August 2019, as a result of Fabio Muriano's trip to Paros (read the full report). Updates are shown in blue.

Paros was the first leg of my trip; we arrived by ferry after landing in Mykonos, in early August. The island is quite large, so we rented a scooter to move, but you can also rent a car visit it. I would suggest staying near Naoussa, the most pretty and lively city of the island where you can find restaurants, bars and nightclubs, but without exaggeration.

(Fabio Muriano) I reached Paros from Italy by car, first with the ferry from Ancona to Igoumenitsa (Anek Lines), and then, after a few days visiting Athens, from Piraeus to Paros (Blue Star Ferries). During my stay in Paros, I went to Aliky, a quiet little village in the south of the island, which turned out to be a fairly strategic location, as it allowed me to reach both the Pounta spot, opposite Antiparos, on the west coast of Paros, and the spots of the East coast, in particular Golden Beach, and New Golden Beach (for Tsoukalia and Molos Beach, instead, it is better to stay closer to these spots, since from Aliky are almost 40 minutes away by car). Aliky, in comparison to Paroikia, or Noussa, in the months of July and August, has turned out to be a small oasis of peace, however endowed with good receptive structures, and excellent restaurants (memorable Mourajo, or even the Aliky Restaurant).

Definitely worth visiting the various beaches suggested on the maps, 'cause the sea is really nice!

As for the beaches, Faragas, to the south, is very beautiful; also Molos Beach, to the east, and Siparos Beach to the northeast are very nice. Definitely worth a visit is Antiparos, easily reachable by ferry from Pounta, both for the main village beauty, and for some beaches (Soros and Sostes beach to the south east, Aghios Georgios in front of the little island of Despotikò to the south).


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If you also want to have the opportunity to do some windsurfing, in addition to sunbathing, I recommend the following spots. 

It should be said that the prevailing summer wind blowing on the Cyclades islands is the Meltemi, which normally comes from the North East. During my presence (July 2019) in Paros, the wind often blew abnormally from NW (slightly displaced by the presence of the African anticyclone on the Mediterranean?).




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Church at  Antiparos, with Paros, in the background


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The island needs no introduction, as his reputation as a home of fun and happy hour in Greece is acknowledged ... and of course everything is more expensive than in Paros. But, here, I had my best windsurifng sessions, thnaks to days of more intense Meltemi than in Paros.


5 sul windsurf   Ftelia  mykonos


mulini mykonos 2

The only beach where I found a windsurfing center is Kalafati, in the south-east of the island. The center is a German management ( and here I have found the best equipment both in quality and in quantity: latest Fanatic boards for all levels, and North Sails and Gaastra rigs. The wind blows off shore, and basically is gusty, but the sea surface is very flat. Here, I remember that in gusts I reached really impressive speed, and thanks to the almost total absence of waves and to the easy Fanatic Gecko board, I had the best glides of my holiday. Sails used: 4.7 - 5.3 meters. The beach is quite large and has all the amenities for wives and girlfriends, as well as a good tavern where you can taste Greek specialties, just at the seaside ...


Mykonos   Kalifati


spiaggia ftelia mykonos


spiaggia paraga   mykonos


A couple of notes: you have the Meltemi, the wind blowing strong from the north, only in July and August. So organize your holiday during these months if you want to do some gliding!

Second note: if you arrive in these islands with your equipment, there are many other spots that can give you almost solitary rides ...

In conclusion: would I recommend Mykonos and Paros for a purely windsurfing vacation? Probably not, but I think they are a good compromise for a holiday in search of beautiful sea and beaches, entertainment, nightlife (for those who seek it), with the opportunity to have nice rides!

Hang loose. 

Davide and Fabio

Click here, to enjoy the complete slidegallery of Fabio's trip to Greece and Paros, in july 2019.

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The video of july 2019 sessions at Paros

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