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Andrea was in Maui (Hawaii), the Mecca of windsurfing, where everything was born. He had the opportunity to ride at Kanaha Beach park, and we thank him for sharing this beautiful review with us. We can not hide some envy ....


Windsurf spot reviews: Kanaha, Beach Park (Maui, Hawaii, Usa)

I dedicate this short review about the spot of Kanaha (Maui, Hawaii) to all Waterwind friends.

The island of Maui is the second largest island in Hawaii, and is renowned for its beautiful beaches, and especially its waves and surf spots.

In this magical island, even windsurfing and kiting have their own space, and the different kite/windsurf and pro-shop schools, located near Kahului airport, testify that.

Given that I was not in Maui for a windsurfing holiday, anyway I tried to have a session there, and, after a quick search on the internet, I identified the spot that would have right for me: Kanaha Beach Park.



Maui 1


The spot of Kanaha, generally, allows you to have both wave sessions (out of my reach), and more relaxing freeride sessions. Although it is located not far from the island's airport area, the beach is really very beautiful and scenic.


Maui 2

Maui 3


Arriving at the spot is not particularly complicated; just take the Amala road, and turn left right before the end of the road (see map at the end of the article).

It is right to say immediately (especially for those suffering from anxiety for parking like me) that car/van parking places in Kanaha are plentiful, and free.

Both during the scouting trip, on Sunday 3 December, and on the session day, on 5 December, I was able to leave the car without troubles, a few meters from the lawn near to the spot beach.

The lawn is very comfortable to rig, as well as being equipped with public toilets, showers and a fountain to rinse boards and sails.


Maui 5


Another important feature of the spot of Kanaha is the time limits when you can ride. The spot is forbidden to windsurfing and kiting until 11,00 am, with the exception of beginners, who can have lessons from 9,00 am. As a local riders explained to me, there is a lot of attention and respect for the community of fishermen, and for this reason the aquatic activities, in no way, should cause disturbance.

As written at the beginning, there is a good choice of rentals near Kanaha, and I opted for Kanaha Kai di Dagmar e Bart de Zwart.

Kanaha Kai rents Starboard boards, Hot Sails Maui sails and Chinook booms/extensions. Included in the price, there are also car racks that allow you to transport the equipment to the spot. Unlike many windsurfing spots where rentals arelocated directly on the beach, at Kanaha beach it is not possible to carry out commercial activities (without exceptions).

Following Maui spirit, Kanaha Kai's staff was also very friendly, and Dagmar proved to be a great hostess. 

We point out that another rental option is represented by Adventure Sports Maui, in the area, too.

So, let's speak about December 5th exit. Wind about 28 knots, with NNE direction (according to some local riders, the best and most frequent condition is NE).

Sail HSM 4.3, and Starboard Kode 103 (single fin), with the clear intent of avoiding waves...., and any problems ...... at least at the beginning.


Maui 6


Another important thing to consider is that, in most of the spot, the sea bottom is not very deep, and consists of rocks and corals. It is good to avoid "pedaling" too much with the leg when waterstarting, because the risk of cutting your foot palm is not so remote; it is better to put immediately both feet on the board (the wind generally is strong enough), and enjoy the session barefoot.



Maui 7

Maui 8

Kanaha 14 12 2017


The session (about 2h) was really funny, even if a certain reverence for the spot did not allow me to push more than I wanted. Some nice jumps done, and some nice fall, as well.

Naturally, pleasant water, and a truly spectacular surrounding landscape.

To conclude, the island of Maui is a nice experience, regardless of the sport that you practice. As for windsurfing, this island has a lot to offer, especially the most experienced riders: just think of the legendary spot of Hookipa (seen and liked, at safety distance).

Maui Hookipa 9


Aloha! Venticello


Click here, to enjoy the whole slidegallery, that Andrea sent us.


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