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The north of Sardinia offers really many great spots for windsurfing. Mugoni, not far from Stintino, is located in a sheltered and very impressive bay. Here is the spot review of the local rider Gian Lorenzo Loria. 


Windsurf, spot reviews: Mugoni, Alghero, Sardinia (Italy)

Mugoni is a beach in the territory of Alghero (SS); it's very narrow, but it's quite long, in the center of Porto Conte bay.

GPS Coordinates: 40.616191, 8.207499.

In summer time, there are 4 kiosks, and in one of them they rent windsurfing equipment, but they have only old gears, and school stuff, anyway. It works with the winds from NW to NE, and the best conditions are when tramontane (North) blows. The NW is risky, when it receives disturbances from the west, which make the wind gusty, and cuase several lulls with 0 knots. With the full West wind, you go from 0 to 25 kts, in a while.


The NE, however, is very disturbed near the shore, making it not easy to return to the shore; it is therefore better to exit from the Maristella dock, inside the bay. As we said, the favorite wind is the Tramontane. With winds from the north quadrants, the water is basically flat, and the winds are from side-on (West-North-West), to side (North), to side-off (North East).


Mugoni Giorgio Giorgi


The South West also blows over the spot, and can be strong, but we seldom ride with that wind, because, at very few miles, there are much better spots: here you have shore-break, and a 50-60 cm chop that causes backache; while with the winds from the north the chop is low, no more than 10-30 centimeters. If the direction is from the north, a thermic component adds in the summer, that can also reach 8-10 kts, allowing us to stay in the water from 13,00 to 18,00, and, on the lucky days, even until 19:30.

Crystalline water, where it is not unusual to encounter sea turtles (be careful that they are tough!), Dolphins, flying fish and tuna.

You get there following the signs for "Mugoni - Sailing School" (see map at the end of the article).


Mugoni vista spiaggia



In the summer, a huge payment parking lot is open, even though the payment is somewhat approximate, with a nice green lawn, where you can assemble your equipment, a few steps from the beach.

Update summer 2022:

For windsurfing, windfoil and wing practitioners there is an area reserved at the "Le Ninfe" car park, with a shaded area, water available to rinse the equipment (NOT DRINKABLE!) And a walkway for the arrival in the water. The cost of parking is € 7 all day, € 5 from 3pm. It is also possible to stipulate an agreement to pay € 3 per day with a € 25 card, reserved for members of the Windsurf Club Sassari, convenient for those who spend the whole summer here, otherwise it is economically advantageous to pay the price of the parking.

Coordinates of the equipped parking entrance:
40.620, 8.206

In winter time, the parking lot is closed, and we use the spaces riserved to the business activities, which are closed and nobody complains, and indeed we are also useful for surveillance.

Suitable for windsurfers with family!

Ciao! Gian Lorenzo Loria


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