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Grado is a beautiful village, in the Adriatic coast of Friuli Venezia Giulia (Italy), located at the mouth of the homonymous lagoon. The spot offers freestyle and wave conditions, but requires the knowledge of some basic information before the session, because it is a bit special spot.


Windsurf spot reviews: Grado (Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy) 

We premise that we have not had a chance to try out the spot for lack of wind. The review is therefore partial. We have, however, made a careful inspection of the area, in order to collect a lot of information on logistics, which we think will be very useful for all, in order to avoid mishaps, or at least unhappy sessions. To get an idea of the conditions that may be encountered at the spot, you can, however, watch the video below.



First, it should be clear how to reach the spot (see Google map below). The spot is at Grado Pineta (hence, outside the center of Grado). Along the provincial road n. 19, you must turn in "Viale Orione", and then you have to get near the beach of the spot, in the area where is situated a very small marina, and a jetty (see map marker).

At the beginning of the pier, there is a sign indicating the presence of a natural site in the area.






You can park easily, at the side of the road, at least off season, near the bar called "Canterbury" (see photo), and then you can put your rig toghether on the paved area before the beach of the spot (or near the parked car). In summer, parking is not easy as well (but when there is strong bora wind good to enjoy the spot, often bathers escape).




The peculiarity of the spot is undoubtedly the presence of shallow water and algae. More precisely, to the east of the marina begins the "banco of Muggia", a shallow waters zone, where the water in not deeper than your knees (or even less) at low tide, and just above your belly, at high tide, for  about 500 meters from the shoreline. West of the marina, there waters are deeper (but not so much at low tide). Hence, it becomes essential to know the tide to go begin your session (and not just the wind). Useful in this regard: ; . Offshore of this area of shallow waters, there is a sandbank, beyond which the depth is greater, and wave fringes more or less, depending on the general weather conditions. In the area of shallow water, the water is pretty much flat.




Another peculiarity of the spot, is the massive presence of algae on the bottom, especially in the area of shallow water. This makes it almost mandatory (for enjoying the sessione the use of an anti-algae fin (aft inclined by 45 °).




At the site there are not centers where you can hire your equipment.

The spot works with both the Bora (NE), and with the winds from the SOUTH (SW, and SE). The Bora, here blows side/side off, making the session safe, in particular near the shore. With the winds from the south, you have waves more or less formed over the sandbank, and water always flat in the shallow water.

The need to have, preferably, conditions of high tide limits the session duration to no more than 3 to 4 hours.

Hang loose. Fabio



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A nice video filmed at the spot  



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