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La Rabina, at Imperia (Liguria), is a great spot that works with both winds from East/North East, and from South West. Very convenient logistics, and pleasant scenery. In addition, out of season, the area around the spot is quiet, and you can enjoy your session in complete relax.


Windsurf spot reviews: La Rabina (Imperia, Italy)

The beach, as the whole stretch of coastline around, is oriented to the South/Southeast.

You have not so many buildings along this shore, and the hills that go down to the sea are covered by a dense and evergreen Mediterranean vegetation, within which are, more or less hidden, some very nice villas. In short, here there are no clear traces of property speculation. From here, you can also reach the nearby Diano Marina (to the east), with a pleasant pedestrian/cycle path (the stretch of coast between the two cities is very charming). Or, heading towards the center of Imperia, you can walk to the historical center of Oneglia, or the so called Calata Giovanni Battista Cuneo, overlooking the port of Oneglia, and under whose arcades many typical restaurants (bars, wine bars, taverns) have been opened in recent years, where you can eat or drink in a nice atmosphere.





The spot is well exposed to winds coming from the West / South-West, South, East, South-East, and Northeast. Only the north wind does not blow here (even though, the Tramontana entering over Genova, often, here, and on the extreme west of Liguria, rotates coming from East, and reaches the spot very well).

Be aware that with strong wind of Libeccio - SW (over 20-25 knots), the spot can be challenging and reserved only to experienced windsurfers, because significant waves rise and break close to the rocky plateau immediately downwind the spot (see photo below ).


Rabina 17 09 2017 1

Rabina 17 09 2017 4

Rabina 17 09 2017 3 

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As mentioned, on the spot beach and around, the atmosphere is fairly relaxed, and you can put your equipment away and chat in a quiet situation, at the end of session. The spot, at least in winter, is not particularly crowded. The Bar/Pizzeria La Scialuppa, or the bar and restaurants of Oneglia are waiting for you if you want to end the day with an happy hour, or with a nice dinner.




Finally, having had no need to stay overnight in the area, we are not able to give specific advice about places where to sleep. However, zooming on Google maps in the area, or searching with the usual, it should not be a problem to find accommodation for all budgets, since it is a tourist area (consider, possibly, also the nearby Diano Marina).

Suggestings/advice about the spot are welcome: please write them in the comments at the end of the article, if you want.

Aloha. Fabio 

Click here, for the slidegallery of a session at the spot.


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A video of a session at the spot


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