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Tarifa, in Andalusia, is a popular location for windsurfing, kitesurfing, and water sports in general; it has always been a place for those who are looking for an alternative holiday. The Levante wind is the real master of this stretch of coast of Andalusia. In this article, we describe some of the main spots in the area.


Windsurfing, spot reviews: Tarifa, Andalusia, Spain


For some time, friends had been talking to me about Tarifa; so, I decided to end my tour of the Iberian Peninsula, passing through this town in Andalusia, which overlooks the Strait of Gibraltar, after being in Galicia, in Viana do Castelo, and in the Algarve (read the other articles on this trip). The forecast predicted two good days of Levante.

I stayed in an apartment, in the "Las Flores" resort, right in front of the Valdevaqueros beach. I was welcomed by Norbert, a friendly German in his 70s, probably castaway here since the 70s. Pleasant and quiet accommodation, a few minutes drive from the center of Tarifa.

During my stay, I therefore had the opportunity to try and / or scout the spots of Valdevaqueros, Bolonia, Canos de Meca.

 Tarifa Andalusia Spain 001

Tarifa Andalusia Spain 015

Tarifa Andalusia Spain 009



Playa de Valdevaqueros is a long sandy beach. To access it, there are several possible ways. We have explored the one where the Spin Out windsurfing center is located, and the inevitable chiringuito, which here is called Tangana. A little further east, there is another access to the beach, where the ION Club Tarifa is positioned.

Valdevaqueros is one of the first beaches to receive the Levante, and where this wind reaches its maximum intensity.


Tarifa Andalusia Spain 001

Tarifa Andalusia Spain 002

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Finally, for the purpose of the record, we mention only the other spots closest to the city of Tarifa, which we have briefly scoured (since they were almost all impossible to ride with strong Levante): Los Lances, Arte Vida, Playa Chica, Rio Jara. To you, the burden of proof ...

Before closing the article, we point out that the old town of Tarifa is a place full of bars and restaurants, where you can spend a pleasant evening. Arab influence is perceived in some buildings. But if you want to dive into the real Arab world, just take the ferry from the port of Tarifa, and go for a day trip to Morocco, Tangier, or in Spanish North Africa, to Ceuta (boarding from Algeciras).

Or, temperatures permitting, you can go and explore the cities of Andalusia (Seville, Granada), or visit nearby Gibraltar.


Tarifa Andalusia Spain 003


For the overnight stay, in addition to the apartments and the Guest Houses, even in the city, you have some campsites along the coast, some of which practically on the spots.

Hang Loose. Fabio Muriano

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