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The spot of "Conche di Codevigo" is located in the Venice lagoon, and offers the typical flat water conditions, and easy fun in extreme security conditions even with strong winds.


Windsurf spot reviews: Conche di Codevigo (Veneto)

To reach the spot (see map below - signs top left), from whatever direction you come, you have to take the SS 309 Romea National Road, and to turn (left, coming from the North, right, coming from the South), at the road sign for Conche. After crossing the village of Conche, continue heading north, until, when reached a T-junction, turn right (south) in Valcittadella street. Go along this road for about 1.5 km, and then take, on the left, a dirt road at the sign indicating the Association "Antica Boschettona". At the end of the dirt road, when you have reached the lagoon bank, turn in another dirt road (closer than the previous one), which runs along the bank and reaches the dirt parking lot at the spot, after a few hundred meters.
In case you're struggling to find the spot, set the navigator to the follwing coordinates: 45.25789, 12.18991. However, the map that we publish below, should be a great help.
The dirt parking lot on the spot has few places, exhausted which you have to park along the dirt road (so as not to obstruct the passage of other cars), or in the parking of the Association Antica Boschettona.




Near the parking lot, on the bank, a wooden platform has been placed, where you can comfortably assemble your equipment. Otherwise, you can rig your equipment on the lawns around (in some areas, there is too much garbage ....). You can do your beach start immediately west of the wooden jetty. Or, in cases of crowding, you can start in the narrow stretch of water in front of the headquarters of Association, then sailing upwind (not so comfortable), to move outside to the wide lagoon waters.

The spot is easy and safe and suitable for beginners even with high winds (we have tried a 30 knots Bora, and in the water around us there were some beginners, who were taking lessons). In fact, the bottom (sand/mud) remains low everywhere (water up to the chest). In strong winds, a chop of 30-40 cm maximum raises. Facing the beach near the jetty, about 500 m away, there are many stakes driven into the bottom, which you should take care not to get hurt.




The water is murky (but not dirty), and the bottom more muddy than sandy. With overcast skies, the view is a bit dark. The spot is open in all directions, and it works with all the conditions of wind, even if the Bora, undoubtedly, is the main wind here, and provides the tougher winds. The water reaches the chest, generally, and, indeed, you must be careful to get too muche close to the shore, as the water height falls below the knee (and you could touch with your fin at full speed, suddenly - and destructively - stopping your planing rides).
As mentioned, the spot is very safe, as in the case of difficulty, you can easily return to shore by simply walking in the water.




For offered water conditions, the spot is the kingdom of freestylers, or of those who love slalom, and freeride boards, even if yo do not have the possibility to have long distance rides, because you have stakes in the water, every now and then.

We also inform you that the spot is very close to the spot of Sottomarina (at sea), and, if the latter does not offer optimal conditions, you can move to Conche, in half an our.





Aloha. Fabio Muriano

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