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I tried the spot of Marina di Andora on the 10th of October 2013: it was a great day of South West wind at about 25-30 knots.


Windsurf spot reviews: Andora (Liguria) 

The beach of the spot (except in summer times, when there are bathing facilities!) is very comfortable, with parking close to the exit point, in Via Vignetta o in Via Sardegna (see map at the end of the article). You mount the rig on the grass behind the beach, near the windsurf club "ASD Andora Windsurf". 



The spot works well with South West wind. This kind of wind takes origin as a Mistral in South France, and changes direction on the Ligurian sea (see picture below), or takes origin as a South wind at West of Sardinia, to turn towards North-East between Course and Liguria. This last situation is better for the best wind in this spot.



Mappa vento Andora 1



The Wind maps (see Waterwind section for wind predictions) must show a situation with wind well oriented from SW all over the Ligurian Sea. When the wind comes more from a West direction (see picture below), it remains only off shore, while near the coast is unstable, and only gusts seldom reach the spot. In such cases, better to go, eventually, to check Imperia Spiaggia d'Oro.


Mappa vento Andora 2



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However, the spot in these wind conditions (from South West) is basically safe, as the wind throws towards the coast and not off shore. Obviously, you just have to avoid ending up against the breakwater reefs. Anyway, in the area near the windsurfing club, where you enter into water and start, the stretches of beach between the breakwaters reefs are large, and therefore, there are no particular problems. Moreover, around the reefs in general you have shallow waters.

In weather station page of waterwind, you find the urls to two station on the spot.

To get an idea of the spot, below you can enjoy the photos of a session, or you can view video of the day. In Waterwind report page, you can find other reports of session in different conditions. 

Enjoy, Fabio Muriano.

To watch a slideshow in high resolution, taken at the spot, click here. 

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A video taken at the spot  

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