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I tried the spot on August 2011, for the first time (and more recently in August 2015), looking for an alternative to Como Lake, where, because of the intense heat of those days (35 ° C), the Breva, the tipical thermal wind, never started, or was weak. I would say that the experience was very positive.


Windsurf spot reviews: Silvaplana (Engadin, Switzerland)

I got into water near the Windsurfcenter di Silvaplana. I didn't use their slide to start, but I began my ride from the shore near the southwards grass, at the very beginning of Silvaplana (see "Mulets" on Google maps image, at the bottom of this page).



The logistics were almost perfect:

- parking site at a few meters from the shore you use to get into the water, with reasonable prices (CHF 2 for 4 hours - 2011);

- freely usable bathrooms and locker rooms at the windsurfing club.





The wind was great: average of around 15 knots, twenty on gusts, just a little variable as direction.

In the session of August 2015, things got even better with 20 knots wind as average. Consider that the lower density of the air at this altitude (we are at 1800 meters above sea level), means that, with the same speed, the pressure on the sails is less. So, bigger sails are required than those that you would use to lower locations, with equal intensity of the wind.




At the spot, you have a very modest chop. The water in August, at the indicated conditions, is less cold than expected (on August 2015 I went out with a 4/3 mm wetsuit, feeling very well). The air temperature was in both sessions of about 25 ° C (I do not know water temperature). At the spot, some kitesurfers, but quite respectful of the rules.


The landscape is wonderful: you plane on blue water in the middle of green mountains, with grazing cows on the grass....




At the opposite end of the lake to the south (near Sils, where there is the Swiss Sailing School - enlarge Google maps image below to find that place), I saw another spot for windsurfing, suitable for less experienced (however, even there I saw people planning). Indeed, the strongest wind is in the spot of Silvaplana, in particular in the central area of the lake, where the walls of the mountains descend steep.




I really suggest the spot of Silvaplana during hot days of summer, when on Como Lake, apart from the Tivano (early morning thermal wind), there is little hope of good wind. Below you can see the video of our August 2015 session there, which gives a good idea of the spot!

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To enjoy a slidegallery of a session at the spot, click here.


Here below, the video of our session at Silvaplana.



View Spot di Silvaplana in a grater dimensions map


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