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Albenga is located on a flood plain, and unlike other places in Liguria, here the Apennines mountans are not close to the coast. This allows the spot to work with different wind directions.


The spot is easily accessible by highway (exit Albenga), or via the SS1 (Aurelia). To begin windsurfing session, you normally start from the beach at the end of Via Nazario Sauro, or via Italia (where a children carousel is located on the boardwalk near the sea) - see map at end of article. Kitesurfers usually go out in the summer from the beach at the mouth of the river Centa. You can also exit from the beaches to the north, near the LNI, which, however, are better only with Tramontana wind.


IMG 3724


In summer, the beach near the carousel is busy with bath facilities ombrellas and deckchairs, and so the beaches of the LNI. Having never tried the spot in summer conditions, we do not know if, in summer, you should go out from the beach at the mouth of the Centa river, free from bath facilities.




We tried and scoured the spot with NE/Tramontana wind; therefore, we can review the spot, on an informed basis, under these conditions. The locals told us that the spot can also work with Libeccio (SW), if that wind manages to get through the mainland and the Gallinara Island, although the most of the riders, with Libeccio, prefer the nearby Marina di Andora, or "La Spiaggia d'Oro" (the Golden Beach) of Imperia (reserved, however, only for very experienced surfers).




The coast at Albenga, up to Centa River, faces east. The north wind, even here (as in Noli), enters rather gusty, and is not very enjoyable, due to the effect of disturbance, which, however, is caused by the mountains in the inland. In addition, the Tramontana, here, comes side, side off, and it is good to be careful, because in case of problems it pushes offshore, and no Capes or promontories can detain you (except being intercepted by the Gallinara Island). If the Tramontana turns in a North East wind moving towards the extreme western Liguria, they tell us that it is better to reach the spot of Bordighera (where NE wind blows side shore).


IMG 3719


Much better, in Albenga, is the session with North East or East wind, which here comes in well spreaded, side and on/on. With the latter, more or less formed waves can rise, generally not particularly high, anyway, but quite enjoyable. With the Tramontana, the sea remains almost flat, except for a messy and unpredictable chop in Noli (see photo below).


IMG 3711


South East and South wind, of course, can blow well here, with significant wave rising, even if often associated with bad weather.

As far as parking concerns, you can leave your car on the waterfront, or in the side streets. You can assemble your equipment near the car, or on the waterfront sidewalk, taking care not to obstruct pedestrians walking, or directly at the beach, during low season times, when there are no bathing facilities.
Until the beginning of the 2016, There was a surf shop operating on the spot, to which you could ask for assistance. The shop, however, went out of business (March 2016), and we do not know if it will reopen with new management. We don't know of windsurfing schools, or rental centers in the area.



To buy groceries, the spot is centrally located with respect to the promenade of Albenga (the beach at the mouth of the Centa river is a bit more far away), and, therefore, there is availability of bars/restaurants/pubs where you can buying something.




Finally, for any accompanying family members, who do not want to stay at the beach, the historic center of Albenga is beatiful, and worth a visit (less than a km away from the waterfront).

Aloha. Fabio


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A video filmed at the spot, with Tramontana (North) wind




A video filmed at Noli and Albenga with North/North-East wind







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