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Frassanito (just north of Otranto, Puglia, Italy) is one of the best spots for windsurfing in the Salento Adriatic coast. It works with almost all winds, except with the West and the South West, which come from the inland.


Windsurf, spot reviews: Frassanito, Otranto (Lecce - Italy)

The beach, in fact, faces the east/north-east, and therefore it gets the North west (side or side off, in the latter case pay a little attention because it pushes offshore), and the North (side / side On), North East (side on), and South East (side on).

Frassanito, lo spot

The spot beach is sandy, not very large, but very long. Towards South, the beach joins to the Alimini beach, and to the north to that of Conca Specchiolla. On the seabed, near the shore, mostly submerged, there are some small rocks that you should be aware of, both in order not to hurt your feet when you are starting in the shorebreak, and in ordert to avoid touching them with the fin, especially if it is a long one. Anyway, there are large areas near the shore, which have no dangerous rocks on the bottom.


We tested sthe spot with the Scirocco wind - i.e. from South East, and Tramontana - from North (read report) on July 2014, with a wind intensity ranging from 20 to over 25 knots. With such conditions, at 100 meters from the coast, there were almost two meters high waves, and of 1 meter near the shoreline, that you could surf a bit. The locals say that with the Maestrale (NW), the Tramontana (N), and especially with Grecale (NE), especially if they are much stronger, remarkable waves can raise, as shown by several videos available on the internet (see at the bottom of this article), with wave conditions.


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If you need to go to a windsurf shop, beyond asking to Frassanito Surf Point for emergencies (eg mast foot), the nearest shop is Kamisurf at Merine (click here to find it on google maps), near Lecce. From the outside you will see a chandeliers and lighting items shop.....(at least, that was the situation I found in 2014)


Hang loose. Fabio

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Below, some videos of the sessions at the spot



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