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I tried the spot of Vindicio (Formia) on a tipical summer day (August 14, 2013). I got into water from Lido Risorgimento (a beach resort), near which there is the "Circolo Windsurf Formia" (but you can start also from the other windsurf clubs there are this long beach).


Windsurf spot reviews: Vindicio (Formia, Italy)

Here, you have the possibility of assemble your rig upon a rug of synthetic grass, and then you can leave it in the rack near the club. You have a beach corridor to reach the water (people taking sun can't stay here), and then you have also a corridor in the water (buoys on both sides) reserved for windsurfing, where bathing is prohibited .

By car, you can reach the spot by turning towards the sea at the traffic light onto SS213 Flacca (follow signs "Vindicio beach" - see map below), taking the downhill road ("Via Vindicio") at the end of which there is the Lido Risorgimento. You stop at the Lido, and then, unless you are during low season, you unload your equipment from your car, and you go to park in the waterfront road, or in the streets around, where you can find a place.

The spot works well with the thermal wind blowing from the west/north-west (side shore, and from your right if you face the sea); therefore, under these conditions, wind comes from the Gaeta town direction, and you have a small chop (half a meter) ideal for freeriders and freestylers.

I tried the spot with an intense thermal wind (probably reinforced by a light mistral); average of about 15-16 knots, close to 20 knots on the gusts. I used my Point 7 HF 7.2 square meters and my JP Xcite Ride 146. That was not the best choice, since I had too much power in my sail, as other surfers that used even higher sails. Anyway, the result was long and full of adrenaline planning with the town of Gaeta as landscape, until the mussel farms, about one km from the beach, imposed me a turn.

On the water, a lot of people and even many skillfull kids (a bit of traffic inside the final corridor on the way back to the beach). At the end of the day, I chatted with Armando of Windsurfing Formia Club, who confirmed the fact that the thermal wind was remarkable for the period, and that it could be enough a sail of 6.5 square meters.

At the club, there is also the possibility of equipment storage (racks closed in a box), and to take windsurfing lessons. Both at the club, and at the beach resort  it is also possible to use toilet, or eating/drinking something.

Last, it was also good for me (coming from San Felice Circeo, where there are no Windsurfing clubs), that I got a chance to chat with some colleagues ....

To watch the slideshow in high resolution, or to download pictures, click here.


Have Fun. Fabio

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