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Chia beach, in the municipality of Domus De Maria, is undoubtedly a wonderful spot for windsurfing and kitesurfing. But it's not just a spot, it's also something more. Out of season, it is a wild place, capable of conquering your soul with a nature that fascinates from every point of view.


Windsurfing, spot review: Chia, Domus De Maria, Sardinia


The charm of Chia is demonstrated by the constant presence of campers and foreign tourists, who you will find camped even in the middle of winter, enchanted by its magical atmosphere: a deep and long beach of very fine sand, with reddish tones, a series of coastal ponds, populated by flamingos and other avifauna, behind it, all framed by a rocky coast, dotted with Mediterranean scrub. And as the icing on the cake, the Su Giudeu island, practically a large stack, in the center of the main bay.

With the right wind and wave conditions, which we will describe shortly, it can offer epic sessions (read the report of an outing with West wind - Ponente).

Chia is relatively far from major towns/villages (1 hour from Cagliari, and 1 hour and a half from Sant'Antioco). Behind it, there is an almost uninhabited hinterland. The closest towns are Pula, a few minutes to the east, and Domus De Maria, to the north, inhabited by few residents in winter. Only in summer does the village of Chia become populated. In winter, nature reigns supreme. Windsurfers and kiters can thus enjoy the magic and peace of this environment.

The long beach is divided into several beaches: the beaches of Monte Cogoni and Sa Colonia, to the east, those of Campana Dune, and Su Giudeu, in the center, and that of S'Acqua Durci to the west.


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To get to Chia, whether coming from the East or the West, you must drive along the Provincial Road SP71, at least in the last stretch. From Cagliari, or from Sant'Antioco, Carbonia, if you opt for a more inland route, you must take the Strada Statale 195, Sulcitana (National road 195). But if you arrive from Sant'Antioco (or in any case from the West), or have to return there, we strongly advise you to take the SP71 along the coast up to Teulada. The road follows the rocky, jagged and almost uninhabited coast: it is a continuous succession of headlands, coves, rocks that dot the sea, and which evoked emotions similar to those I felt driving along some coastal roads in South Africa.

In any case, once you arrive in Chia, you will have some main parking options (see map in the article).


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We highly recommend you try and enjoy Chia especially out of season, and discover the magic of this place.

Finally, we would like to point out that towards Sant'Antioco, there are also the spots of Porto Pino and Porto Botte, particularly suitable for freeride/freestyle/bump & jump, and for Slalom. In Sant'Antioco, you also have the Sa Barra spot (read review).

Furthermore, the area is also very suitable for mountain bike excursions, horseback riding (in Chia you will find a riding school), or for panoramic trekking. In Chia, fun is guaranteed, 360 degrees, even on days when the wind doesn't blow.

Aloha. Fabio Muriano

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Below, some videos to help you understand what the spot offers.... 



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