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Gian Lorenzo Loria, a local Sardinian rider from Alghero, sent us this review of two spots in the area of Stintino, Sardinia, which we are happy to publish for the benefit of the entire windsurfer community.


Windsurf, spot review: Stintino, Le Saline and Pazzona, Sardinia

Saline and Pazzona are located in the municipality of Stintino, about 15 minutes from the port of Porto Torres, on the road to Stintino village center.

Coordinates: Saline, 40.903669, 8.237810.

Coordinates: Pazzona, 40.892850, 8.247329.

Saline and Pazzona are, as a matter of fact, part of a very long beach, which starts at the tuna working plant and ends at Fiumesanto electrical power plant. 



Le Saline di Stintino


They work with South West and West wind, and work differently depending on how the wind tends to orient from the West or from the South West, however coming from the inland.

Le Saline can be very easily reached, taking the corresponding and well marked exit at the roundabout between Pozzo San Nicola and the village of Stintino. It is the spot that we, local riders, do prefer with wind coming from South West and West, direction 250 ° - 260 °.

The parking area is not large, but free, and on summer weekends it gets full in a hurry. Very coarse-grained sand, almost pebbles, water immediately deep, and clear at all times of the year. You should pay attention to the rocks emerging at the beach, to which, for some twenty meters, corresponds similar rocks in the water, that can be risky for longer fins.


Pazzona Stinitno

From the parking area there are two possibilities for assempling your equipment: immediately after the bar preventing motor vehicles to access to the dunes, or at the beach.

It should be considered that the parking lot is separated from the beach by a wooden path and a bridge, a hundred meters all in all, but it is uncomfortable, when bringing your equipment, for the Venturi effect that you have there, and is likely to get planing already on shore.

Pazzona is about two kilometers further south, and is more convenient for parking and proximity to the water, but it's better with full South west wind.
You park for free along the beach, on a very long strip of land and dry grass, about four meters from the beach; coarse-grained sand, here too.

In both spots, you ride almost parallel to the beach, the water is very flat (and what colors!). It is difficult to ride closed-hauled, if the wind starts to change direction, and the beach start is a bit problematic behind the bars.

Between Saline and Pazzona there is a pond in the inland, which allows you to have no interference on the airflow, and in the absence of bathers you can ride at a meter from the shore. Excellent speed sessions and improvement in the jibe technique. You can start riding from the tuna working plant at north and get to the Fiumesanto power station, with 8 kms non stop full planing.

WARNING! The current that drift you offshore is very strong! If you end up in the flow, you will run miles in a few time.


Gian Lorenzo Loria

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