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This is a spot where I went by chance. It's less famous than the near spot of San Pere Pescador, but we believe that it offers nice rides, and an almost Caribbean landscape. We tested the spot with Tramontana wind, with gusts up to 30 knots.


Windsurf spot review: Empuriabrava, Playa de la Rubina (Costa Brava, Spain)

The spot is located in Costa Brava. To get there, you have to head to the town of Empuriabrava, and then to point to the beach to the North East of the town (see map below), first taking Carrer Jonclos, and then Carrer Port Primer. Arriving at the end of the latter, by the sea, take the dirt road on the left (bar about two meters high), which provides access to parking behind the beach. You should go to the central part of ​​the beach to get away from the dock to the southwest, so that, in the water, you can enjoy your ride, staying away from the pier. We came here on a Saturday in June, and we could easily park in one of the many open spaces next to the dirt road that runs parallel to the beach, and immediately behind this. Therefore, it was very comfortable to bring our equipment to the beach. To assemble our rig, we used the wooden platform of a lounge bar, closed in that period. Otherwise, you can rig at the car park, and then take the equipment to the beach, since you have to walk only for fifty meters.




In the water, there are buoys that delimit the sea area, up to about a hundred meters from the shore, reserved for bathing. Probably, in August, when there is greater overcrowding, respect of this area is strictly controlled by lifeguards. In June, when we were there, with few people in the water closer to the shore, we have not faced particular problems of coexistence with bathers (there were not even lifeguards around).





I took advantage of the spot, to let my son exercise, since he is learning how to windsurf. The Tramontana wind fluctuated between 15 and 30 knots (frequent gusting in the middle part of the day), and then it dreacresed slightly at 16.30. The Tramontana wind comes here off shore, but the spot appeared quite safe even for less experienced surfers. In fact, at least up to sixty meters from the shore, the seabed remains low (you touch with your feet). In addition, coming the wind from the inland, the water remains almost flat. The water is clear, the beach is of white sand, with a dune and fallow fields behind (there are no buildings on the coast in this area). In short, the landscape is very natural, almost Caribbean like in some ways (see photos), and it is very pleasant to surf in these conditions. In August, the Costa Brava is pretty crowded. Therefore, it should be to confirm whether this paradise, in the middle of summer, fades away....




Besides us at the spot, there were some freeride windsurfers (see video), that enjoyed planing, in total relaxation, in the vicinity of the buoys (and inside the restricted area for bathing), with a good wind (probably a bit less gusty then near the shore), on perfectly flat water.

The exposure of the spot should also make it suitable for sessions with winds of South East, South West, or Sout wind, with probable formation of wave, but we have not tried these conditions. The Esat wind is shielded from the headland immediately to the east, and the West wind, probably enters gusty (like the Tramontana), coming from the inland.




The nearby town of Empuriabrava is a very popular seaside resort, with some huge building too, probably ideal for those seeking a little  of entertainment (clubs, restaurants), during their holidays. We have just passed it quickly, to get to the spot.


Aloha. Fabio Muriano

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Here below, a video of our session at the spot.  


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