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Carrubo beach is a spot for people very fond of windsurf ... at least in mid-August. In fact, the spot offers good planning on a nearly flat water, but to get into water can be not an easy task......


Windsurf spot reviews: San Felice Circeo, Carrubo (Latina, Italy) 

The spot is situated along the San Felice Circeo seafront road, in the direction to the harbor, in front at the restaurant "La Conchiglia" , or at the sign "Spiaggia del Carrubo" (see map below). In high season, here, it is virtually impossible to park. So, you stop the car at the roadside, you unload your equipment from your car, and, descending the steep stairs leading to the beach (be careful not smashing your head and/or equipment), you leave all your stuff on the beach. Someone assembles the rig directly on the road, which, a little further, going towards the harbor, widens in a sort of square. Then, you go to look for parking. Typically, something is in the area of the harbour (the parking meters accept cards!) .

You assemble your rig on the sand (unless you have chosen the road), because, except for the cement walkway at the end of the stairs, there are no other available surfaces, such as wooden platforms, or rugs of synthetic grass, suitable for the purpose. The shoreline, where at least there would be wet sand, less prone to get everywhere inside your equipment, is usually occupied by people taking sun or bath, or from other boards/sails. If you invade the space in front of the beach resorts (at the sides of Carrubo public beach), be prepared to discuss with lifeguards, who pretend not to remember that their licence do not include last meters of beach near the shore line ... Once your rig is ready, you need to get to the water, passing between umbrellas and swimmers, who often complain (the local windsurfers have told me that the swimmers, sometimes, call the police, which gives a fine to surfers).


I tried the spot during some days of August. Under these conditions, normally, you have a thermal wind, which comes about from the North (side-shore, and from the right looking at the sea), and that, bouncing on the promontory of Circeo, gets a bit more intense here (on average 12-13 knots) than the rest of the coast in the surroundings. Near the shore (and, therefore, near the promontory), it is more gusty. Offshore, beyond the exit of the harbor, or a little more to the south of the beach from where you exit (about 100 meters away from the promontory), it spreads well and becomes very enjoyable, because it allows planning with a few corrections. Unpleasant note: in water you have many boats entering and leaving the harbour and creating fastidious waves, because often cross and irregular. The spot is popular among freeriders, slalom racers and freestylers (in tipical summer days, a dozen windsurfers in the water). In the low season, the spot must be more enjoyable (but I am not able to bear witness, because I go there only in August for summer holidays), both because you do not have to bear all the inconveniences above described, and because in the water there must be less boats around.

The local windsurfers (as well as those as me just on holidays!) would deserve more willingness by local authorities, because it is not right that in all the coast of the municipality of San Felice Circeo, south of the Circeo cape, there is no a place reserved for the practice of our beloved sport, under safe and easy conditions for everyone. Over all, the satellite activities (windsurfing schools, rentals, beach resorts where windsurfers' families would stay, bar services) would help the economy ....

The near spot of Vindicio (Formia) is a proof.

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Have Fun. Fabio


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