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Michele, who has been living and working in Switzerland for years, escaped to a warm destination in February, Dahab, in Egypt, and sent us this accurate review of the spot, which will be useful for many.


Windsurf spot reviews: Dahab (Egypt)

Escape from winter

February 2018, Zurich. The Burian, a cold wind from the Siberian steppes, has found a way to Europe, including the islands, and the situation is shaping up dramatically. Faced with temperatures that would make even a Swiss banker shiver, and let alone the wild monkey that has been laying on my shoulder for many weeks, I need to find an escape that allows me to get sane until the warmth of spring.


Windsurf Dahab Egitto 26

Windsurf Dahab Egitto 23

Windsurf Dahab Egitto 24



This time, after having surfed in previous years in Hurghada and Abu Soma, I decide to try Dahab. The choice will prove to be the right one, and will give me a week of surfing that will make me feel at peace until next summer, spring, week.

A wonderful holiday, with six days of wind good to glide out of seven (smaller sail a 5.5, for my 90 kg.), and maximum temperature, during the day, of 27 Celsius degrees (in the evening, I wore just a t-shirt).

The only downside was the shock of returning to Zurich with a snowstorm still going on: too early!!


Windsurf Dahab Egitto 22


The locality

Dahab is located in Egypt, in the Sinai Peninsula, in the Gulf of Aqaba, and overlooks the Red Sea (see map in the final part of the article). It can be reached by landing at Sharm-el-Sheick airport, after a four-hour flight from North Europe, and continuing by bus for approximately 75 minutes. It is a small fishing village, which, with the explosion of tourism, about twenty years ago, has seen rising a tourist complex made of mini resort with bungalows and swimming pool, one next to the other, where there was nothing.

Its peculiarity is that the heights of the Sinai make the thermal winds channel along the gulf, and, in Dahab, the Venturi effect is amplified by the fact that immediately behind the village there are the mountains. The result is 300 days of wind a year, which in fact have made it a success as a favorite surfing destination for Swiss and German people, expecially.

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Windsurf rentals

Consistent with the vocation of Dahab for water sports, every hotel in the windsurfing area has its own rental center. Walking from one extreme to the other, in 1200 meters of beach I counted 7 of them, including 2 Harry Nass, 2 Fanatic center, and 3 others without a famous brand, but with modern materials of all brands. So you can book the hotel you prefer without fear of having to work hard to find the Graal (a windsurf board). Indeed, since they are all so close, you can compare prices and try to bargain for better conditions.

I went to Harry Nass for sure, for the simple fact that according to my previous experiences in Hurghada and Abu Soma, they are kind and have good materials.


Windsurf Dahab Egitto 6

Windsurf Dahab Egitto 18

Windsurf Dahab Egitto 20


Cost for one week (2018 prices): 230 euros for JP epoxy/FWS boards, and 260 for PRO boards, plus 35 euros for optional insurance. The sails are Neil Pryde in excellent condition, from 3.5 to 8.2. The rigs are assembled by the guys at the center, at the moment, according to the customer's instructions, regarding the size of the sail and the length of the harness line. Finally, in case of calm of wind, they have sup available to customers included in the price, with which to roam along the coral reef.

Have a nice holiday. Michele


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Here, below, a short movie taken by Michele at the beach.

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