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If you love windsurfing, you've come to the right place. This is the website where you can share your passion for this wonderful sport. Here we share the emotions and stories of our sessions, we share experiences, and all information that may be useful for the practice of windsurfing.


Your online windsurf magazine: wave, freeride, freestyle, report, spots, market

Waterwind is a digital magazine, written by those who do the "job": sessions reports are written directly from those who took part to them. Even the spots reviews are written only after actually trying them, with the idea of providing some useful information to those who want to have a ride there. 

We would like, however, to make it a common web space, where everyone can tell their stories of windsurfing.
Every windsurfer likes to read this kind of articles. They help us to imagine we took part to the session, or help us to relive the excitement, if we were there. But if no one writes, no one can read ..... So, we invite all to work together and to share their own experiences and their own reports, sending contributions of a few lines and a few pictures. In short, Waterwind is also your web space, that you can help to build day by day. Not surprisingly, our motto is: share your passion windsurfing .....! 

With more experienced windsurfer (even non-professional), we are available to begin and keep alive paid collaborations for articles/reviews to be published on our site. If you are interested, special section more information.

Waterwind is dedicated, in particular, to non-professional windsurfers, expert, intermediate level, or novice, that, sometimes, have to get free of thousands of work commitments, family duties, etc., to have a ride, and jump on the waves with their boards.

Around Waterwind, a real group (and not just a web comunity) of windsurfers also gathers, mainly based in Italy, but surfing in many wonderful spots in the world as well (Sardinia, South France, Spain, etc. ) . If you want to join us, contact us.

Waterwind is also proposed as a site in which to provide services, and condense information useful to all fans. Why, in fact, to lose time to do extensive web researches, to find sites that interest you, when someone has already found them?
Here you will find a shortcut, in just a few clicks, to the best sites that publish ads of used equipment, shops that sell new products, to manufacturers' sites, equipment testing URLs, windsurfing schools, and much more! On Waterwind some of the upcoming windsurfing events, particularly those intended for non-professional windsurfers, are highlighted.

Thank to Waterwind, you will no longer need to save, on your desktop, on your iPad or smartphone, sites of interest related to windsurfing, because you can just save Waterwind URL, which, conveniently, will lead you to them. From this point of view, Waterwind does not intend to replace the many websites that already exist in the web, but, on the contrary, wants to lead to them and advertise them as a rational guide, in order to simplify the search for information. We would like Waterwind could be the result of an ongoing collaboration, and a continuous exchange between us and you. Help us to enrich the site, sending us a new link, to a school, and to a producer websites, or to a second hand market that still does not appear on Waterwind. 

Inside, you will find four effective custom search engines, which will allow you to search listings of used material, new items for sale in the online stores, the equipment available in catalogs of manufacturers, and testing of materialsAgain with the idea of sharing experiences, we created a special section to give the possibility to users to write short reviews and vote for the tested equipment, sharing their opinions. Help us let it growth. 

Finally, although Waterwind at the time, is more oriented to the world of windsurfing, we decided to reserve some space to sailing, another fascinating sport, which as windsurfing, helps to take one's mind off and lets you relax in contact with nature. Click here to access this specific section.

And if you are not a fan of windsurfing, here are a few videos to make you get addicted ....., bearing in mind that there is no need to get up to New Caledonia, or Hawaii to try the first fatal plane and get windsurf-addicted!!!

Good winds to all!

Fabio Muriano



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