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Are you windsurfing addicted? Would you like to report your sessions? Do you travel a lot, and do you know many spots, or you like to discover new ones? Dou you also take good photos, or nice videos (or, do you have a friend who can do for you)? Well, then you're the right man/woman to cooperate with!


Are you windsurfing addicted? Collaborate with us!

Given the growing success of, we decided to improve the level of our content, to share and to offer to our readership.

No matter if you are not a professional rider. It's enough that you are a medium/good level windsurfer. Whether you'll practice slalom, freestyle, or wave riding, the stories you have to offer, could be very interesting for us.

If you meet the above requirements, you can collaborate with us by writing articles. Any paid partnerships will be possible, and defined, on a case by case basis, but only with stable collaborators, which we learned to know, after publishing a number of free articles (at least 1), and of whom we verified the ability to write texts and get photos and videos during sessions


Michele Iungo cannes foto gino tamburello


Articles we want to receive and that we will check for an eventual publishing, must be characterized by detailed technical content (general weather conditions, wind, and water surface offered by the spot; equipment used during session, clothing/suit worn; description of the session), but they should also exude emotions, feelings, and passion. We are interested in your feelings during the session, and your impressions about the spot, where you rode. If you sailed with other riders, their impressions are worth of being told too. The text must have a minimum of at least 800 words (counted with tools like this), and will have to be written correctly, from a grammatical point of view.

We are also interested in detailed spots reviews, so that other users can have useful information before trying them (how to get there, where to park, eat and spend the night; windsurfing schools and rentals, how the spot works, which level of windsurfers is suitable for). The minimum length of the text should be similar to that of session reports.

The article will also be equipped with multimedia material (this is compulsory), possibly, according to the following combinations: at least 20 photos, and/or a video  of no less than 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

The multimedia material must be of good quality: dark or out of focus photos and videos will make the article not suitable for publishing.


Mariotti bottom turn frontside la ciaccia


The photos should be, if possible, in 16:9 ratio, and in any case with a minimum resolution of 3872 x 2592 px (corresponding to those taken with a 10 megapixel digital camera). The video must be in HD, already worked (by removing bad quality clips), and saved in MPEG-4; then we shall provide for a final editing and we will publish on our Youtube and Vimeo channels (or, if you've already posted on Youtube or Vimeo, we'll directly embed your video in the article). With the publication of your article, you wil give us all publishing rights in digital and paper format. The article, therefore, can not be published on other websites or printed publications.

In the case of really interesting articles, we reserve the right to make the article available on, in the full version, only to the supporters of the website. An excerpt will be made available to all visitors of the site.

As mentioned, any other remunerated collaborations, with windsurfers, even experts, will be evaluated, on a case-by-case basis, but only after a period of collaboration and testing of the author, with us.

Doesn't your material, or your level as rider,  meet the above requirements? Do not worry. Publish a text, photos or videos in Waterwind forum, where you can insert your session report or other posts). remains (and indeed, it is, above all) a website open to all windsurfers, and is available to host reports and stories of beginners and medium level windsurfers, who ride with great passion. Your stories will be of interest for windsurfer of your level, or of lower level, but maybe even for experienced windsurfers, who gladly will remember the good old days when they were at the beginning, too, and maybe they will provide for recommendations.

So, come on, begin your job! To contact us, click here.

Hang loose. staff


Instructions for formulating article proposals

Articles proposals should be mailed with a text file (word, or .txt). Photos should not be included in the text. You can mention them in the article (eg Photo1), if you want them to be placed in a certain position of the text, but bear in mind that, in order not to make the page upload too much slow with mobile devices, we do not include more than 10 photos in the article. For the rest, we refer to a slidegallery published on a separate page.
You can send photos by mail, if you want to submit a sample of a few photos. However, to send us all photos or videos along with the article, we will create a shared folder on Google Drive where you will upload the media.


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