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For many riders, a normal forward or back loop is, already, a desired goal. Other windsurfers have more ambition, and then to observe young champion Loick Lesauvage's technique for push loop can offer many insights.


Windsurf, theory: Loick Lesauvage's push loop

In the video shown here, Loick (F780, he is only 16 years old!) realizes some tweaked push loops, in the mythical spot of Coudouliere, Six Four Les Plages, southern France, on a day with NW winds up to 40 knots.


Lesauvage loop



Reviewing the video in slow motion, you can grasp, quite clearly, the difference of the movements of this maneuver respect to the "normal" back loop.

At time 0'34" and 1'20", you see that Loick (at that time, upside down - board up, sail down), with a firm movement, brings the sail forward into the wind, making the rig quickly pass upwind to his body; then (while completing rotation), he retrieves the rig, bringing it close to his body, in preparation for landing (with body upwind to the equipment).



If you want to listen/to watch a detailed explanation, you can check this video, during which the push loop is showed by Marcilio Browne (professional windsurfer) and Colin Dixon (professional coacher).


"Good job".



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