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Relatively quieter weekend ahead. Here is the wind forecast to enjoy a beautiful day of windsurfing.


Forecast: sea and lakes of Como and Garda - 17-19/11/2023




Mistral day, tomorrow, Friday 17th, which will blow especially over Southern France. Coudouliere and Hyeres will provide beautiful conditions. The other area where there will be a lot of wind will be Sardinia: WNW on the Straits of Bonifacio, and throughout the Gulf of Asinara, unfortunately with a slightly too onshore direction, for the spots on the Sardinian North Shore (Marina, Pischina, Ciaccia). Perhaps the most fun spot could be Platamona or Le Saline di Stintino for those who do Slalom/freestyle. Down south, the Sa Barra spot in Sant'Antioco will also work.

WNW also on the Tyrrhenian coasts from Terracina up to the entire North and West/South-West of Sicily, and perhaps, at times, also on the Lazio coasts. Tramontana between Marche and Abruzzo.


2023 11 11


Saturday and Sunday quieter, but not everywhere.....


Puglia will be on fire on Saturday, with a beautiful tense Tramontana, which will practically blow over all the spots, and which will also blow on Ionian Calabria. Tramontana also on Mediterranean Calabria, and on the Strait of Sicily. For the rest, only South West Sardinia (Sa Barra) will have some wind. Sunday 19th, a little lighter Tramontana remains only in Puglia and in the Strait of Sicily.


Lake Como and Garda

As for Lake Como and Garda, the dance will start tomorrow. Foehn which should be of the right intensity, although probably gusty, as usual. Both Abbadia/Mandello and Dervio/Cremia should work. Not being too strong, the Foehn should not disturb the Peler over Garda too much. However, I believe that Peler over Garda will be better on Saturday morning (and maybe it could really be worth a trip there).

Foehn remains in the morning over Como, Saturday morning, and should push the Tivano a little in Valmadrera, if it doesn't heat up Val Chiavenna too much, in the early morning.

Sunday, Tivano and Peler lighter (but the temperature gradient is rather favorable these days).


If you go out, tell us in the forum how it went. If you have any further considerations, you can add them in the comments below.

Have a nice weekend


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