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The IWT Event in Pacasmayo has come to an end. Waveriding conditions were wonderful (logo to mast high waves for many days in a row), and perfect for a great show. Here it is the report of the windsurfing competition.



The legendary stories about the Pacasmayo wave are deserved. A week of riding perfect logo to mast plus waves for 500m to 1.7km has made us all exhausted and very, very happy riders. There is nowhere on earth quite like this. No wave this long. No wave this perfect. No place so much fun to stay together.

We had full brackets, insane conditions, intense high level riding, outstanding judges, livestream, beautiful sunset photos, culture, ceremonies, awards, parties. Another year of the Pacasmayo magic. And it’s still firing out there.

The riders would like to thank Jaime Rojas. The visionary creator of this amazing El Faro Resort that makes coming here to ride this wave so much fun. Through Jaime’s patronage of very special artists, sculptors, ceramicists, painters and musicians, we have learned about the Peruvian culture and how it is being honoured and preserved today. Riding great waves is the goal, but as the cultural layers grow here in Peru, we are all finding a deeper connection to this place that enriches us all.

We’d all like to thank the 6 man Livestream team led by Sergio from Lima. We’d like to thank our creatives Tritian Young-Glasson, Miguel Cortez, Sebastian and Tatiana, for their contributions to graphics, photos, videos, live commentary, and very good vibes. We’d like to thank the wonderful staff of the El Faro Resort, led by the inimitable 70 year old powerhouse we call Jenny. A special shout-out to the land and water safety crews led by Carlitos and Pedro for their tireless efforts across the event. Finally, we’d like to thank the ocean for all it’s riches and for the waves bestowed upon us here in Pacasmayo.


Pacasmayo 1

Pacasmayo 2

Pacasmayo 3

Pacasmayo 4

Pacasmayo 5

Pacasmayo 6



1st Morgan Noireaux – Hawai’i
2nd Hayata Ishii – Japan
3rd Antoine Martin – Guadeloupe
4th Iñaki Maturana – Chile
5th Russ Faurot – Hawai’i
5th Federico Morisio – Italy
5th Julien Flechet
5th Tomas Barreiro Melgarejo – Spain
9th Martin Fabres – Chile
9th Tom Soltysiak – Canada
9th Titouan Flechet – France
9th Guillermo Barreiro Melgarejo – Spain
13th Kevin McGillivray – USA
13th Vlad Rud – Guadeloupe
15th Manuel Sotomayor – Spain
17th Adrian Levy – Australia

1st Jessica Crisp – Australia
2nd Jane Seman – Australia
3rd Maria Andres – Spain
4th Coco Foveau – France
5th Denise Blondet – Peru

1st Hayata Ishii – Japan
2nd Ollie Desforges – Australia
3rd Iñaki Maturana – Chile
4th Jake Ghiretti – Australia / Peru
5th Jose Fabres – Chile

1st Tomas Barreiro Melgarejo – Spain
2nd Guillermo Barreiro Melgarejo – Spain
3rd Mariano Pecora – Argentina
4th Adrian Levy – Australia
5th Simeon Glasson – Australia
5th Philip Newmarch – USA
7th Kevin McGillivray – USA
8th Giampaolo Cammarota – Italy

1st Jake Ghiretti – Australia / Peru
2nd Mariano Pecora – Argentina
3rd Ollie Desforges – Australia
4th Jose Fabres – Chile
5th Giampaolo Cammarota – Italy
5th Philip Newmarch – USA
7th Steven Gall – Guadeloupe
8th Alonso Györke – Peru

If you missed any of the action, the Live Stream is available on our YouTube channel.

(text by IWT)


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