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First weekend of spring, and Waterwind Supporters deserve detailed wind forecasts for their windsurfing sessions, because there are really many opportunities.


Forecast: sea and lakes of Como and Garda - 23-24/03/2024




Finally, a weekend where you are spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing spots where to go windsurfing. But let's go in order.

Firstly, there will be two days of mistral at Six Fours and Hyeres. The forecasts have been downgraded a bit, but the Coudou and Le Brusc should work well in the central hours of Saturday (be careful that the wind could drop towards mid-afternoon), and then on Sunday, until around 4pm. Hyeres (La Madrague) should work well on Saturday afternoon and also offer a nice sunset session chance. It could be the spot for my second session, after the first one at Coudouliere. In Hyeres, it will also be windy on Sunday until around 4pm. Libeccio/West wind, Saturday and Sunday, also on Northern Corsica (Calvi, Algajola, Djunchidu). Those who have time available should stay in France beyond the weekend, because on Monday and Tuesday there will be a strong Levante/Scirocco from Hyeres to Port La Nouvelle (Carro, and perhaps La Ciotat, in addition to the Languedoc spots). And then returning to Italy, they would have to take a nice north east wind on Wednesday between Antibes, Cannes and Hyeres, or the north wind in Liguria. But as there are still a few days left, this forecast needs to be verified and confirmed.

Being a mistral of medium intensity, in Italy, it will not reach everywhere. Surely, it will arrive well in the Straits of Bonifacio, both Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday it won't blow any further. On Sunday, however, it will also reach the Tyrrhenian coasts... Between Livorno and Piombino, it will arrive onshore, and it will not offer good conditions. But just south of Piombino, the wind could turn slightly from the north, and enter Carbonifera and Perelli, offering fun conditions, even if with modest waves.

Sunday afternoon, west, side on, between Anzio and San Felice Circeo, with good sized waves.

For the rest of Italy, apart from ephemeral breezes here and there, which are not worth dwelling on here, I would only point out a nice Ostro wind on the southernmost part of Salento (Alimini, Frassanito).



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Lakes Como and Garda


And also at the lakes Como and Garda, it will be a good weekend, so much so that I had some doubts whether to leave for France (or head to the lakes and save time and money, also given the imminent departure for Sardinia).

First of all, it should be noted that Garda should give a spectacular Ora tomorrow... (see arome, and meteoblue, even if meteopassione reports some atmospheric instability in the afternoon in the pre-Alps which could disturb). The Pierwindsurf is still closed, the Gallerie spot at Riva is impassable. Porfina ay Riva or the Torbole Surf Club or Conca d'Oro, or Tempesta, remain as possible exit points. In theory, Breva should also be sustained on Lake Como, but with some risk that, first the storms, and then the entry of the Foehn wind will make the wind drop....

On Sunday, from late morning and throughout the afternoon, Foehn should be of medium intensity, well oriented from NNW, in the Lecco branch of the lake (Mandello, Abbadia). It is better to recheck the forecast tomorrow, given that the Foehn always has some margin of uncertainty.

If you ride, tell us in the forum how it was. If you have any further considerations, you can add them in the comments below.

Have a nice weekend. Fabio


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