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The Atlantic no longer stops and continues to send disturbances. Another nice windy weekend, this 11-12 November 2023, which will entertain windsurfing and water sports enthusiasts.


Forecast: Sea and lakes of Como and Garda - 11-12/11/2023



Prevailing winds from the west/mistral which are starting to blow already today, Friday 10th, on the Tyrrhenian Sea. Today, the Cannes area, the north of Corsica (Algajola-Djunchidu, with perhaps too strong winds), and the Strait of Bonifacio will work well.

For tomorrow, Saturday 11/11/2023, quite an interesting situation.


2023 11 11


The Cannes/Frejus/Saint Raphael area will be still good, and something should also blow in Hyeres (while the wind will not enter the Coudou, or further west). The North Coast of Corsica will be windy as well (even if Arome still gives wind at 40 knots...), and also the South coast (La Tonnara).

Tomorrow, there will also be a good wind in the spots on the north shore of Sardinia (Pischina, Marina delle Rose, La Ciaccia), even if the W orientation could determine a slightly side-on direction on the spots. Wind, obviously, also in Porto Pollo.

Full Ponente (W) in the Livorno area, and in the Gulf of Follonica (but here, I fear, without the beautiful waves of last week).

WSW wind on the Tyrrhenian coasts from Naples to Calabria, and the northern coast of Sicily.

NNW on the Apulian coasts on Saturday morning.

Sunday, similar situation to Saturday, but with a greater northerly component of the wind, which will also cause the Coudouliere to work, and Cannes for a lower number of hours. Corsica in the North will be still good, while the North Shore of Sardinia will be hit by a wind with a direction that is too onshore. Always, good wind on the Tyrrhenian coasts from Naples southwards, and on the north of Sicily (and with sun, and more than 20 degrees).



Lakes Como and Garda

As for Lake Como, on Saturday there will be moderate foehn. Dervio/Cremia should work and probably Valmadrera too. The Foehn should mitigate a bit the air temperatures, dropped this week (water temperatures still reasonable). On Sunday, some  Tivano should blow.

As for Lake Garda, Peler will blow on Saturday (the sunny day, the temperature of the lake water, still warm, and the snow on the mountains are enough to guarantee this thermal wind). I have some doubts about the quality of the wind, given the concomitant presence of Foehn.... Sunday, on Garda, partially overcast skies. Some Peler will blow, but with moderate intensity.

If you ride, tell us in the forum how it went. If you have any further considerations, you can add them in the comments below.

Have a nice weekend. Fabio


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