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"Which sail was the most used this morning in my windsurf spot?", "Which spot is the windiest in July?",

"Which surf board is the most popular?", "How many sessions I had this year?", "Which sail I use the most?"
If those questions matter, than SurfDose is for you!


Surfdose App: Track your windsurf sessions

SurfDose( is the surfers website that allows you to keep track of your sessions and, if you decide, share with others passionate surfers.




The SurfDose app makes recording a session a matter of few clicks. With the App you can:
- keep easily track of your sessions
- record sessions even when you are not connected to the web
- add new spots with few clicks
- get basic statistics about your sessions

You don't need to register to to enjoy SurfDose APP but through registration you will have:
- access to SurfDose full set of statistics with graphics
- option to define your own gear for a more accurate recording
- additional set of optional parameters for your session
- sessions syncing across multiple device
- server backup
- possibility to contribute to the aggregated full statistics





How to use it:
1- Click on a day on the calendar and click "Add" button (or just a long press on the calendar day)
2- Fulfill mandatory parameters (spot, sport type, board, sail, your weight, vote)
3- Click "Add"


You session will appear in the calendar!


Need to add a spot? In the Add Session page click on "Add a Spot" and select on the map where your spot is.

A long click will fix the spot coordinates.

You can edit the spot name.


If your device has geolocation capabilities (like GPS) you can add a spot in the exact place where you are with just one click.


You can decide to join SurfDose in a second moment and all your sessions will be moved to


You can also have more than one device synced with sessions (if you are logged in).


Questions or suggestion?


Contact us!


SurfDose Staff

SurfDose APP - Surfing Sessions Tracker App


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