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First weekend of 2024, characterized by the passage of a deep depression over Italy. Here is the wind forecast for your windsurfing session.


Forecast: sea and lakes of Como and Garda - 06-07/01/2024




Christmas holidays that end as they opened: with the passage of a beautiful depression over the northern Mediterranean. Today, Friday 5th, the low pressure center will be positioned off the coast of southern France, and will attract sirocco and Ostro winds to central-southern Italy (apart from Liguria, where there will be some north wind). Unfortunately, widespread rain will also begin.

From tomorrow, the Mistral will forcefully invade France and Sardinia.



2023 12 15



Given the positioning of the low pressure center between Sardinia and Sicily, on Saturday, the mistral will have a good component from the North. It follows that it will blow strongly in the Gruissan area (35-40 knots), Marseille, and throughout the Sardinian coast, between Stintino and Carloforte, but will cut off the area from Hyeres to Cannes, Corsica and Northern Sardinia. The Six Fours area (Coudou) remains an unknown: some models (ECMWF) also give good wind at Cap Negre, others (Arome and Icon) do not show significant wind in this spot. Typical situation, possibly exploitable only by local riders (in case of wind entry over the spot, however, they will be able to enjoy a nice side/side-on wind, at the Coudouliere). I would like to point out that the component from the North, and the consequent call of air from mainland France, given that we are in January, will mean that the wind will be decidedly fresh. And I would also like to point out that in Sardinia the storm surge will be significant, with 3-4 meters high waves at the Sinis peninsula.

On Saturday, however, wind from the west over Sicily, and from Ostro/Scirocco over Ionian Calabria and the Salento peninsula, with showers in Sicily, and temperatures of 17-20 degrees and a bit of sun in Puglia.

Sunday, low pressure center positioned over central Italy, and situation very similar to that of Saturday, with the exception of the fact that the wind, from the West, will also hit the Tyrrhenian coasts from Naples to Gioia Tauro, and that in Puglia and Ionian Calabria, the wind will rotate from the West, with very variable intensity depending on the spots, but generally not very significant. Possible WNW in the Bonifacio Strait. In the area of Gruissan and Marseille, 50 knots will be possible! Tramontana on the Gulf of Genoa, and possible north wind over the northern Adriatic, with rainy weather.  


Lakes Como e Garda


As far as the lakes are concerned, on Lake Como it should be windy from the north in the upper part of the lake (Dervio/Cremia), both on Saturday and Sunday. The cold in the mountains (it will snow heavily) will create a nice temperature differential. The latest forecast doesn't call for rain. Of course it will be nice and cool.....

It should also be windy from the north on Garda (again due to the temperature differential). Arome gives a blast from North, tomorrow (Saturday), which should start from Malcesine and reach Desenzano. On Sunday, the wind should blow only in the upper lake.

Rainy weather, especially Saturday. Even on Garda, maximum temperatures below 10 degrees....

In short, we are in the middle of winter, and our thoughts turn to the other hemisphere...., where the conditions are very different (see below)....


2024 01 08 Cape Town


If you ride, tell us in the forum how it went. If you have any further considerations, you can add them in the comments below.

Have a nice weekend. Fabio

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