Select your language is the website dedicated to all fans of watersports, expecially of windsurfing, and to Mountain sports addicted. With about 50,000 page views per month, it can be an excellent opportunity to advertise your business at affordable prices. You will give us a hand to let the site grow.


Advertise on your windsurf shop, school, hotel, bar, B&B


Users who daily visit are constantly growing, and they arrived at nearly 20,000 per month during summer 2020, with more than 50000 page views at the same time (source Google Analytics). 

Google analytics has become one of the main websites about windsurfing (but we also have contents about mountain sports and sailing), and its ranking position is pretty good (check: And we are growing worldwide.... We have a french and spanish version site.

It is an audience of windsurfers and sailors, of people who love the mountain and outdoor sports, and who like to travel and discover new places.

Do you have an hotel, a bed and breakfast, a restaurant, a school or a windsurfing shop, a ski school, or a mountain sports shop? Are you a windsurfing or mountain sports equipment maunfacturer? Or, do you have you any other activity or brand that you think might be of interest to our audience? So, let yourself know on!

The available advertising banner spaces are defined.

First, we point out the possibility of sponsoring individual articles, inserting a banner ad within them. Some articles may be more suitable for your business (eg. for hotel owners it may be better to insert the banner in the review of the windsurfing spot, where their operation is located).

Second, we have the horizontal spaces at the top of each page, just below the menu, highly visible, and the horizontal spaces at the bottom of the page, at very attractive prices, which are still visible, as they are close to the area for comments articles.

Advertising spaces can be filled with banners of maximum size of 728 pixels x 90 pixels. The file formats for banners allowed are the classic image formats (jpeg, gif, etc.). We do not recommend those formats only viewable with Flash player, because they are not visible on Ipad and Iphone. If you do not have a banner, please contact us anyway, and we can prepare a simple banner for you, with a supplement of 25 Euros gross.

Another very interesting option for water sports and mountain-related equipment stores, and for windsurf schools/rental centers, is to publish an article with their presentation, and a contact form (plus, possibly, link to their site), for a given period of time, within the Waterwind section reserved for schools and shops.

For manufacturers of sports equipment, we offer the opportunity to publish promotional items on their production in general, or on specific products.

Last but not least, you can insert a banner of yours at the beginning of the videos we publish in our Youtube Channel (some videos reached over 20000 views).


Our fares for the publication of your banner ads on our site are as follows (all amounts are gross, and refer to the publication of banners for one year): 

- Home page: 90 euros (space at top of the page); 60 euros (space at bottom of the page);

- Menus with higher rates of visitors (Photo-Reports, Test, Learning, Spot, Mountain, Trekking, Site Forum): 75 euros (space at top of the page); 50 euros (space at bottom of the page);

- Menus with medium rates of visitors (remaining menu items): 60 euros (space at the top of the page); 45 euros (space at bottom of the page);

At Waterwind staff judgement, free spaces may be granted (possibly, in exchange for inclusion of a link to, on your website). 

- Banner ad inside a single article/inside a video of ours: 60 euros/year for banner inside an article; 60 euros without an expiring date, for banner inside a video.


As for the other forms of advertising, the rates are as follows (gross amounts):

- publication of article about your Sporting gear store, or about your school/rental center, with contact form: 35 euros gross for a period of 6 months/50 euros gross for a period of 1 year (after which the sheet will be almost completely encrypted). In case of insertion of the link to the school or store website, in the sheet, the rate doubles.

- publication of a promotional article for sports equipment manufacturers: 100 euros, for 1 year, per article.

All banner positions can be shared in rotation with up to 5 other customers. 

In the English/French/Spanish version of the website only banners in corresponding language can be placed (which can also be placed in the italian version).

We can offer you the monitoring of impressions and clicks, received by your banner.

All amounts, above mentioned, are intended as gross amounts, and are subject to a 20% tax, in charge to us (according italian law).

Payment must be made in advance to the publication of your ads, via paypal or bank transfer.

For any clarification, we are at your disposal. 

To contact us, click here. staff 

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