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Over the years, here on Waterwind, we have reviewed many spots around the world, where you can go windsurfing. We offer you a map on Google Maps that shows them all, so you can better plan your sessions.


The map of windsurfing spots


The spot reviews published here on Waterwind are among the most detailed available online. Nothing is missing: prevailing winds direction, logistics at the beach, advice for entering and exiting from the water, rental centers and schools on site. And they are based on our concrete experience of the spots.

Obviously, we have also indicated the location of the spots and other useful elements.

We thought it would be useful and convenient to have a map available, to quickly consult, that groups them all together, and on the basis of which to choose the destination for your ride, depending on the distance from the place of departure.


P1090849 DSCN9142



Below, we share the map we created with the locations and related infos. The map is constantly updated.

If you wish to collaborate in the updating and development of the map, send us an email with the location of the spot, possibly with the coordinates (point of entry into the water, and other useful references, such as parking lots), with indications on the presence of rental centers or schools, or other information you deem useful.

Let's build together a useful tool for everyone!

Enjoy your ride!




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